How to protect your product ideas - with Mandy Haberman
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Mandy Haberman is a successful inventor and entrepreneur, who has created a range of infant feeding products which she has invented and successfully brought to market.

She is a recognised authority on corporate theft and patent infringement, having successfully defended her own intellectual property in the USA, UK and Europe.

Mandy joins host Vicki Weinberg, to share her story, and her insights on how you can protect your product ideas.


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Today I have a fantastic interview for you with Mandy Haberman. Mandy is the founder and creative director of Haberman Global Innovations Limited.

Mandy is an inventor and entrepreneur, who revolutionised the infant feeding products industry. She has a fantastic story to share with us today, where she goes right back to the launch of her first product.

Mandy talks about patents and about design rights, and shares her story of what happened to her when a big company, and she does name them, decided to copy her product. Mandy explains the steps she took to protect her rights, the eventual outcome and shares fantastic detailed practical advice about the steps you can take to prevent this from happening to you.

Listen in to hear Mandy share:

  • An introduction to herself and her business (01:34)
  • The story behind her first invention, the Haberman Feeder (02:41)
  • How she went about going into production and setting up her own business (11:39)
  • Her experiences of being a female entrepreneur in the 1980’s (14:12)
  • How she transitioned from creating her product herself to finding a manufacturer (18:49)
  • What a know-how licence is (23:55)
  • How to create an audit trail for your trade secrets (24:25)
  • The origins of her second product, the Anywayup Cup (25:35)
  • The difference between patents and design rights (28:13)
  • The range of different rights, from trademarks to intellectual property rights, and why it is important to register for them (30:10)
  • How a big company copied her product (31:23)
  • Deciding whether to take legal action (34:16)
  • Winning the legal case (36:49)
  • How long the process took (38:40)
  • How to stop other businesses from copying you (41:23)
  • How much you can expect this to cost (46:48)
  • Why it is worth investing in protecting your products and ideas (49:35)
  • The steps to take if you think someone is copying your product (54:35)
  • Why you should be wary of trying to handle it via social media (57:28)
  • Alternatives you can pursue rather than taking the case to the High Court (01:02:27)
  • The very first thing to do if you think if you think someone is copying your product (01:05:20)
  • How she got the Anywayup Cup stocked by Tesco's and other major supermarkets (01:06:16)
  • Her tips and advice for product design (01:09:30)
  • Her number one piece of advice for other product creators (01:09:39)


Mandy Haberman LinkedIn

Haberman Global Innovations LinkedIn

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UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO)

(For advice and help with all types of intellectuelle property).

British Library Business and IP Centre (BIPC)

The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys 

(For a list of registered patent agents)


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