Paperchase owes me over £22,000 - with Angela Chick
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Today my guest on the podcast is Angela Chick. Angela is an illustrator and designer with a love for colour and kindness. She creates unique gifts and greeting cards for people who care about other people. 

I first heard about Angela in a post by Holly Tucker, where she was talking about the fact that Paperchase owes Angela £22,000. I didn't even know that Paperchase had gone into administration. Angela is not alone, and there are a whole host of small businesses who are owed money by Paperchase. Angela has really bravely agreed to come on and share her story with us, and how small businesses can protect themselves going forwards.

Listen in to hear Angela share:

  • An introduction to herself and her business (01:20)
  • How she started her business (02:04)
  • Transitioning from being an artist in residence to running her business full time (05:15)
  • Getting stocked by Not On The High Street (09:58)
  • Where she gets inspiration for her products (16:03)
  • Selling the right products at the right time during the pandemic (17:46)
  • Finding producers and suppliers for her products (20:33)
  • Wholesaling her products (22:50)
  • Licensing her products (23:18)
  • Why licensing is an attractive option (25:28)
  • Her first experience at a Trade Show, Top Drawer (29:26)
  • Her top tips and advice for Trade Shows (31:50)
  • Her experience with Paperchase (41:45)
  • Finding out Paperchase has gone into Administration and what that meant for her (46:31)
  • Connecting with other small businesses also owed money by Paperchase (50:33)
  • How it has changed how Angela works with other companies (56:56)
  • Why working with smaller companies can be better than working with the biggest retailers (57:04)
  • Her number one piece of advice for other product creators (01:01:14)


Angela Chick Website

Angela Chick Facebook

Angela Chick Instagram

Angela Chick LinkedIn

Angela Chick Twitter

Trade Shows:

Top Drawer

Progressive Greetings Live

Fellow Indies mentioned by Angela:

Jelly Armchair

Hole In My Pocket

Dandelion Stationery

Sarah Ray


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