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My guest on the podcast today is Simon Fineman, who together with his wife, Dr. Evie Kemp runs Haspaka, a company selling nutritious products made from the little known but amazing haskap berry.

In a previous life, Simon ran a large timbering court importing company pioneering the use of sustainable timbers for industry and construction. A lifelong vegetarian. Simon is passionate about the environment and believes in the power of healthy eating in order to improve oneself and the world around us.

We discussed how Simon discovered the haskap berry and created a business selling products made from it. It was particularly interesting to discuss the nuances of marketing a product where you have to educate the audience of its value but ensure you don't make health benefit claims to follow industry regulations. 

Simon also has some great advice on the realities of running a business, and how to keep going when things get tough.

Listen in to hear Simon share:

  • An introduction to himself and his business (01:21)
  • How he discovered the haskap berry (02:12)
  • How the haskap berry is good for us (04:00)
  • Working out how to turn it into a product (06:35)
  • Why they moved the business from Canada to the UK (10:25)
  • Finding factories to process small amounts of the berries (14:51)
  • Selling his product in Canada, the USA and the UK (16:59)
  • The challenges of selling a product where you have to educate the consumer (18:27)
  • How they are reaching consumers via Trade Events (20:14)
  • The nuances and frustrations of having to make sure you don’t make health benefit claims in your marketing (25:48)
  • Selling a nutritional product on Amazon (28:38)
  • Keeping going when faced with challenges (34:25)
  • Working as a team with his wife (37:08)
  • His number one piece of advice for other product creators (39:25)


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