What's Your USP?
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What is your product’s USP (Unique Selling Point) and is it important to have one?

Something I see a lot, particularly on Amazon, are ‘copycat products’ - where someone is ordering the exact replica of something already selling, then branding it themselves.

It got me thinking, why would a customer buy this version of the product over one already available, that has a sales and review history? 

One answer may be price. However making this your USP is always risky, as you may end up not making a profit at all. 

The best way to make your product stand out is to decide upon and know your USP - the reason why your product is different and better. 

In this episode I dive into how to work out your product’s USP. How do you start researching this? What factors should you be considering? I share the processes I used when creating my own products, the Tiny Chipmunk range, and examples from different podcast guests. 



Listen in to hear:

  • An introduction to why having a USP is important (0:33)
  • Why using pricing as your USP often doesn’t work (02:00)
  • How to research and decide on a USP when you start out (4:27)
  • How I decided on my USP for Tiny Chipmunk products (9:50)
  • Examples of how some of my guests decided on their USP (11:47)
  • Why knowing your USP is so important (13:27)



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