Find the time to create your product – with Libby Knight
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Libby Knight is a business consultant helping busy people to build and grow a profitable business, by creating a focused and effective strategy, without being overwhelmed or losing their life work balance.

Having worked both at home and in the corporate environment, leading teams and travelling extensively, Libby knows the importance of productivity and effective time management.

In this podcast she shares tips and advice on the time mindset that we need to overcome, provides practical advice and techniques that you can use to consistently move your business forwards or launch your next product and helps you prioritise what’s truly important, all while maintaining a positive life work balance. 

I learnt a lot from this chat and really hope that you do too.


Listen in to hear Libby share:

  • How she helps people build profitable businesses (2:33)
  • How she’s developed her own time management skills (5:40)
  • Why we (feel like we!) don’t have enough time (7:25)
  • How some people seem to achieve more than others (10:18)
  • Practical tips to utilise the time you have - especially if it’s limited (15:00)
  • How to carve out more time (22:10)
  • Top tips for managing to-do lists (26:00)
  • The importance of keeping things simple (31:00)
  • How many things you should have on your do-to list and why they don’t all need to be work or business tasks (37:24)
  • Why you might want to keep a notepad by your bed (40:00)
  • The two-minute rule (43:12)


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Get your free product creation checklist

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Join my Free Facebook group for product creators & makers

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