How to safely formulate cosmetics - with Dalia Hawley
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Today I'm talking to Dalia Hawley from Dalia Botanique. Dalia sells her own botanical beauty products, so she formulates all of her and makes all of her products herself. Dalia’s products are aimed for people who like spending a lot of time outdoors who love gardening and want a minimal skin care routine that's still going to really look after their skin, but not at a really high price.

We had a really great conversation about botanicals and what they are. We talked a lot about the compliance side of creating beauty products, testing and everything that goes into making sure that your products are safe. Dalia also gave some really useful advice for consumers as well. So, if you are purchasing your own beauty products, particularly if they're handmade, what to look out for to know that they will be safe for you. 

Listen in to hear Dalia share:

  • An introduction to herself and her business (01:27)
  • What inspired her to create her own skincare range (01:53)
  • What botanicals are (04:13)
  • Why she can’t just use flowers grown in her garden (06:43)
  • Learning how to formulate her products (09:01)
  • Testing her products herself (11:28)
  • Getting her products professionally assessed (13:29)
  • What to look for as a consumer to check that the products have been professionally assessed (15:51)
  • Working with Trading Standards (18:18)
  • Not making false medical claims (19:31)
  • Amazon requirements for selling cosmetics (20:30)
  • Whether a product is actually organic (21:10)
  • The costs involved in getting your products certified (21:42)
  • How she gets her ingredients and sourcing from UK suppliers (25:42)
  • Finding her suppliers (27:28)
  • Industry support and the skincare community (29:03)
  • Trademarking your brand and formulas (30:35)
  • Starting to sell her products (34:27)
  • The insurance that she needs (38:02)
  • Her sales strategy for Christmas (39:00)
  • His number one piece of advice for other product creators (42:57)


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