How to Self Publish Your Book – with Alice Clover
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Today we’re talking about writing, self publishing, promoting and selling your own book.

We’ve had a self published author on the show before - but everyone has their own unique story to share. I hope all aspiring authors will find this useful!

Listen in to hear Alice share:

  • An introduction to Alice and why she writes about ‘taboo’ subjects (1:22)
  • The theme of her book (2:32)
  • Why she chose to write, rather than use another format (3:50)
  • The steps involved in writing and creating a book - and why she chose to self publish (6:30)
  • How she utilises print on demand across many different sales channels (8:40)
  • Writing a best-selling book (10:40)
  • How to work with illustrators (13:28)
  • How she promotes her book - and why she does it every day (18:28)
  • The importance of knowing your audience and where to find them (20:30)
  • The importance of persistence and consistently showing up (25:50)
  • What she enjoys about writing and publishing books (29:00)
  • One mistake she made - that you can avoid (29:40)
  • Her number one piece of advice (35:20)


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Episode 19 - How to write and publish your own books - with Suzanne Hemming, Thea Chops Books


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