Pivoting your product based business - with Puvan Briah
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Puvan Briah is the founder of Sabhalo, the Mental Maintenance Store. Puvan is on a mission to help other empaths, people pleasers, and perfectionists to stop burning out through her self care boxes and her podcast “The Burnout Brigade.” 


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Today on the podcast I'm talking to Puvan Briah about how and why she pivoted her product business. Her story is fascinating. Puvan talks about how she launched her initial product business MDT London, the wins and challenges she faced, what changed for her, and why she decided to pivot and start something new - Sabhalo. We talk about burnout and the pressures of being a product-based business owner. There is so much here to inspire you, and help you on your journey with your own product-based business.

Listen in to hear Puvan share:

  • An introduction to herself and her new business (00:51)
  • An introduction to her previous business (01:40)
  • The impact of Covid and Brexit on her business (02:30)
  • The inspiration behind her original business (05:59)
  • Dealing with burnout (07:49)
  • Communicating her pivot to her online audience (11:12)
  • How stepping back allowed her to understand what she wanted to do next (13:58)
  • Starting up her new business (15:33)
  • Managing a pivot on social media (18:48)
  • Things she has learnt whilst pivoting her business (26:04)
  • The learnings she has been able to carry forward into her new business (31:36)
  • Things that she would do differently (34:34)
  • Her number one piece of advice for product creators thinking of making a change or pivot in their business (38:37)


Sabhalo Website

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MDT London Instagram

You can either listen to Puvan’s podcast The Burnout Brigade here on her website:


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