Charlie Day: How to sell more products
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Charlie Day is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur who has built three multi-six-figure businesses from the ground up. Charlie is passionate about helping business owners create more sales in their businesses and proclaims that ‘sales is easy if you just know how.’ She runs the free Facebook community for business owners, The Entrepreneurs Growth Club.

This is a must listen to episode, as Charlie brilliantly challenges the mindset blocks many of us have around sales, and shares her methods for generating more income, more customers and more clients in your business.

Listen in to hear Charlie share:

  • An introduction to herself and her business (01:27)
  • Why selling has a bad rap (02:41)
  • What sales is actually about - listening (03:21)
  • The mindset shift that you need to make (05:07)
  • The importance of follow up (06:13)
  • Understanding and making the most of hot leads and warm leads (08:02)
  • Selling with integrity (09:51)
  • Growing your business on your own terms (10:37)
  • The power of your own confidence in your products and services (12:27)
  • What a sales strategy is and why you need one(13:58)
  • Understanding and improving conversion rates (16:15)
  • Sales strategies for product businesses (17:45)
  • The importance of knowing your numbers and where sales are coming from (18:32)
  • Using sales targets (19:59)
  • The importance of hard work and consistency (20:34)
  • The 3 things to do immediately (21:31)
  • The importance of customer service (22:40)
  • Making the most of your sales funnel (23:47) 
  • How to bring more money into your business (24:41)
  • Why you should start selling right not, even before your product launches (25:47)
  • Her number one piece of sales advice for product creators (29:15)


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