Be Well By Kelly
Be Well By Kelly
Sep 4, 2020
48. Measuring Success in Happiness - with Stevie and Sazan Hendrix #FabulousFriends
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Stevie and Sazan Hendrix are the cutest couple! Right out of college, Sazan ran a blog for fun and started putting all of her energy into it without even knowing you could make money off of a blog. When she realized all the success others were having with their blog, she knew that she could make a living off of it too. They started reaching out to small businesses and created partnerships that quickly made more than they were making at their day jobs. They share how you really can have it all by prioritizing your success and your family, and the importance of knowing what your true goal is!

You will learn about...

  • How Stevie and Sazan started their business and blog
  • How they invested in their business and brand
  • Having financial success and happiness
  • How to prioritize your family
  • The importance of a wellness-based routine
  • Looking forward to baby #2


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Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast
Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast
Samantha Gladish: Online Nutritionist, Weight Loss Coach and Hormone Fixer-
128: The Vagina Monologues - Fertility Awareness Method & Period Health
What exactly is the fertility awareness method? Do you still find it confusing to track your cycle? Understand your cycle better and dive into all things vagina health with certified fertility awareness educator and holistic reproductive health practitioner Lisa Hendrickson-Jack. You can find all the info and links about this episode at Topics Discussed in this Episode: * The birth control pill, its side effects, and the alternatives that you should consider * Cycle health and ovulation * Common health problems with the menstrual cycle and what to look out for * Cervical mucus and cervix positioning * The fertility awareness method * The factors that might affect your temperature reading * Ovulation predictor kits * Some nutrition and lifestyle strategies that you can implement to optimize your cycle Key Takeaways: * With the birth control pill, there are issues with how women have not been informed or not been given the full picture of it. About half of the women, within a year of starting the pill, come off of it because of the side effects. * The pill is associated with a whole host of side effects, the most common of which are depression, anxiety, and low libido. * For a certain percentage of women, the pill contributes to painful sex, the thinning of the labia, the vaginal opening, and even the shrinkage of the clitoris. * The pill is known to deplete a significant number of nutrients including B vitamins. * Studies have shown that adolescent girls who are on hormonal birth control are much more likely to also be on antidepressants. * The ovulation predictor kit doesn’t confirm that you ovulated. What it does is measure a luteinizing hormone, and the strips are programmed with different thresholds. Action Steps: * Consider getting off the pill if you’re on it and find an alternative. * Take it into your own hands to learn about your body, and take the responsibility to pass that on to women. * Make sure you’re not undereating. Start with 3 square meals a day with a good balance of protein, fat, and low glycemic carbohydrates. * Reduce your chemical exposure. * Lisa said: “For many women, learning to chart the menstrual cycle and understanding how it changes in relation to overall health makes it a fantastic biomarker to pay attention to.” “The pill is central to feminism. It’s like the symbol of feminism because of what it represents. It represents women being able to take charge of their fertility.” Thanks for listening! Important Announcements: Join our Healthy Hormones Monthly Recipe Club for $9 a month! Not only do you get the meal plan but also the Pumpkin Recipe Ebook and the Thanksgiving Guide. Don’t forget to connect with me over on Instagram, @holisticwellnessfoodie. Let me know if there’s anything you’d love for me to expand on. It would also mean so much if you would leave us a rating or a review at any podcast platform that you’re listening to us on. Links to things I talk about in the show: * Conceiving with Fertility Awareness (free online course) * Fertility Awareness 101 (free online course) * The first chapter of The Fifth Vital Sign * My "Freebies" page (all of my free gifts!) * Save 15% off your very first order on - They carry the best health food products and they are my go-to source for all things delicious! A few brands that I order on the regular - nutpods, siete, lily's chocolate, bobs red mill, simple mills and primal palate spices. You're gonna LOVE shopping here. They only ship to Canada*. * Join me in my FREE Holistic Business Collective FaceBook Group for weekly business and marketing trainings. * Save 15% off ALL Organifi products at Check out Organifi Immune to help support your body during the cold and flu season. Use code HEALTHYHORMONES for your 15% savings. * Save 20% off ALL Alitura Naturals SkinCare at The Clay Mask is the BEST!! * Save 20% off Energybits Spirulina and Chlorella at Use code - HEALTHYHORMONES * Save 15% storewide on LeesTea and LeesGhee (the pink chai is my absolute fav! and their maple ghee is amazing in coffee and perfect over roasted vegetables). Use code HEALTHYHORMONES - * Check out CANPREV products across Canadian Health Food Stores and online at - I personally LOVE their MYCO10 and Collagen powder. They are great to add to smoothies and elixirs. In this episode, Tanya mentioned the products- IMMUNO-MULTI and HEALTHY HORMONES. Where you can find Lisa: Fertility Friday Facebook Page Fertility Friday Website Fertility Friday Instagram (@fertilityfriday) Where you can find me: Samantha’s Facebook Samantha’s Instagram Samantha’s Website Samantha’s Twitter Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast Private Community on Facebook How you can work with me: * 6-Week Healthy Hormones for Women Intensive - Get 60% off when you enroll today! * Healing & Dealing with Hashi’s
1 hr 4 min
Essentially You: Empowering You On Your Health & Wellness Journey With Safe, Natural & Effective Solutions
Essentially You: Empowering You On Your Health & Wellness Journey With Safe, Natural & Effective Solutions
Dr. Mariza Snyder
237: The Truth Behind Stubborn Weight Gain After 40 Years Old
EVERY woman at some point in her life goes through a period of wandering, “what happened to my energy?” Or struggled to get into a pair of jeans that she was able to get into the month before. I’ve been there myself, When I was struggling with exhaustion and unexplained weight gain, I was DESPERATE for a solution. And through trial and error and digging into the research I addressed my hormone imbalances, got my energy back, lost the stubborn weight, and finally felt like myself again… And I am here to share these protocols and remedies with you so that you can get your body back and rock your dreams with boundless energy and happiness. Tune in today to hear exactly what’s going on in your body to make the weight so hard to lose and how you can take the first steps to heal your hormones and shaking that stubborn weight for good! * Why your hormones and inflammation are driving your stubborn weight gain * Which hormone deregulations cause your metabolism to slow and the fat to pack on * The physical role chronic stress plays on your body, especially related to your weight * Simple steps you can start taking immediately to get the balance back in your body and start losing weight for good! Mentioned in this episode: Save 15% on your first Organifi order here! Essentially Whole Adrenal Love Essentially Whole Magnesium Restore Essentially You episode 223: The Number One Hormone to Watch Out for At 40+ (Hint: It's Not Estrogen) Top 11 Supplements to Balance Hormones Naturally 14-Day Hormone Detox Related Resources: Essentially You episode 229: The Truth Behind Which Foods Trigger Inflammation and Belly Fat Essentially You episode 213: What is the Right Exercise if You Are Dealing with Hormone Issues? The Why Behind Weight Gain & Your Hormones
27 min
Well-Fed Women
Well-Fed Women
Noelle Tarr
Reverse Dieting, Treating PMS Naturally, & Calories and Hormones
Here's the notes for episode #295 of Well-Fed Women. Be sure to check back every Tuesday for a new episode, and head over to Apple Podcasts or Stitcher to subscribe! To leave a review for the podcast (HORRAY!), go to: In this episode, Noelle and Stefani discuss reverse dieting, treating PMS naturally, and calories and hormones. Got a question you'd like us to answer? Email us at 10% of the funds we receive from our sponsors is donated directly to our partner charity, Thistle Farms, a place where women survivors of abuse, addiction, trafficking and prostitution receive help and support through residential programs, therapy, education, and employment opportunities. Because we get paid per download, you are actively supporting Thistle Farms by downloading our podcast each week. Topics! [25:55] Reverse Dieting [43:06] Treating PMS Naturally [58:51] Calories and Hormones Links! Noelle's website: Stefani's website: Buy our book Coconuts and Kettlebells Well-Fed Women Holistic Health Facebook Group - use code WELLFED for a discount! DUTCH test Natural Ways to treat PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) How to Reverse Estrogen Dominance Naturally #213 The Pill, Irregular Periods, and Post Birth Control Syndrome with Dr. Jolene Brighten Minnesota Starvation Experiment Hormones + Fitness Competitors article Grass Roots Grass Roots Farmer's Cooperative has set up a system where you can order incredibly delicious, nutrient-dense 100% pasture-raised meat directly from small scale family farms in the US directly from their website. And now, you can get The Well-Fed Women Box! The Well-Fed Women Box from Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative is an assortment of my favorite cuts of meat inspired by my recipes. The cuts are affordable, easy to cook with, and give you the most bang for your buck.  All of this is bundled at a 15% discount. Which I’m so excited about because it’s an incredible deal for such high quality meat from farms that provide full transparency in the work they do. To get The Well-Fed Women Box, which is at a 15% discount, go to There is limited stock. And, no subscription is required. BioOptimizers This podcast is sponsored by BiOptimizers. Please refer back to episode #258 all about digestion for some more insight on how to resolve common digestive issues. If you’ve never tried enzymes before, or have and it didn’t work, I encourage you to give MassZymes a go. It is a full-spectrum enzyme formula with 5 different kinds of protease, which is the enzyme that is the catalyst for the breakout of protein. Give MassZymes a go. So many individuals suffer from digestive issues—because any protein your body doesn’t break down creates digestive distress, gas, bloating and constipation. MassZymes ensures that all the protein you consume breaks down into absorbable amino acids. Go to and use code WELLFED10 to save up to 38% off Masszymes Joovv This podcast is sponsored by Joov Red Light Therapy! Red light therapy is a simple, non-invasive treatment that delivers concentrated natural light to your skin and cells. Red light therapy is quick and easy: all you have to do is sit or stand in the light for 5 to 15 minutes, ideally every day. This gives the mitochondria in your cells the natural light they need to make the energy that powers your body. By stimulating energy production in the body and improving mitochondrial function, studies show red light therapy reduces inflammation, it speeds up muscle recovery and aids in the healing of injury, and it can significantly improve sleep, circadian rhythms, and overall mood, including anxiety and depression. Joovv is offering an exclusive discount for our community on their newest devices, go to and use code WELLFED. Available for a limited time.
1 hr 13 min
Rise Together Podcast
Rise Together Podcast
Three Percent Chance
118: Shifting the Narrative About Down Syndrome with Heather and Josh Avis
Just in time for Down Syndrome Awareness Month, this week I had the privilege to sit down with two of my very good friends Heather and Josh Avis to discuss their work at The Lucky Few, all about encouraging families to reorient the way the view developmental differences such as Down syndrome. We really dig into the good, the bad, the painful of this work: how to make room for more representation, how to build a counter-narrative to the harmful ones we often see in our community, and how to seek to understand while at the same time, appreciating that you will never fully understand. You can follow Josh and Heather's adventures over at The Lucky Few website: and Instagram account: -- Dave's first-ever book, Get Out Of Your Own Way, is OUT NOW! This book is for everyone, and we mean EVERYONE: women who loved Girl Wash Your Face, men who did or didn't read Girl Wash Your Face, personal development skeptics, personal development devotees, anyone and everyone who has a life and knows it could maybe get a little better if they could just get out of their own dang way! LET'S GOOOOOO! -> Your Fave's Faves is coming November 18th! The latest podcast from the Three Percent Chance network features hilarious interviews with actors, musicians, athletes, influencers, gamers and more, sharing their five favorite things in any category they want! Hosted by author Rachel Hollis, Your Fave's Faves brings you stories from your favorite celebrities you WON'T hear anywhere else. Subscribe now to be the first to listen on Wednesday the 18th! -> Ever wanted to go on a run with me? Now you can - anywhere, anytime! Download the RISE App today and access a full library of content that's always growing featuring workouts with me, Dave, as well as a diverse roster of coaches to fit any workout journey. The RISE App is for everybody and every body, so get started today: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
52 min
The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca
The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca
Dr. Anna Cabeca OB/GYN
156: How to Have Compassion for Yourself w/ Mary Shores
It’s time to stop the negative talk to both yourself and the people around you. We’re introducing conscious communication from here on out. I’m joined by Mary Shores to talk about how she created this communication model to positively impact her personal and business relationships. Key Takeaways What’s on the Do Not Say List: * No * Not * Can’t * Won’t * However * Unfortunately About Mary Shores Mary Shores is an innovative collection agency owner, communication expert, and best-selling author who transforms people's words to help them fall back in love with their customers. Fifteen years ago, Mary discovered a game-changing formula to connect to your customers and clients. It all started with a do not say list and grew into an entire strategy that will fix your relationships. Change Your Thoughts: Change Your Life Mary shares with us the story of her childhood and what led her to start her own business as a debt collector. It’s such an emotional tale but is one that has such a positive outcome. Mary tells us the exact moment she decided to change her mindset… and change her life. When she decided to take a more positive outlook with her communications, Mary sent out that conscious request to the universe that she would embody that joy, however, and wherever she could. Part of this was allowing herself to examine her negative thoughts when they arose. By learning where her negative thoughts and emotions stemmed from, she figured out how to work with and through past trauma. Over the past 15 years of inner work, Mary developed an alternative model for Positive Psychology. The Power of Thought Quality lets you look at what impact your thoughts have and where the power of your individual words lies. This led Mary to create the Cleanse or Clog formula. This method acts as a way to train your mind and thoughts to recognize when something is good for you - or something that’s sitting more negatively in your life. Have Some Compassion for Yourself Mary talks about the power that exists when you label your emotions. For so many of us, figuring out what we’re actually feeling seems like a nearly impossible task. But, as Mary details, when you can get there, there is immense healing. Something Mary encourages us all to learn how to do more often is to have compassion for ourselves. There is so much power in the negative words we speak to ourselves and, on top of this, we’re all under immense stress and pressure. Mary recommends writing down everything you feel that’s going wrong in your life right now. When you look at that list - how does it make you feel? I want you to know that you’re justified if you’re feeling overwhelmed and that you owe yourself some compassion. How would you talk to your six-year-old self? Will you be implementing the Do Not Say list in your life? As always, you can ask me anything and let me hear your thoughts in the comments on the episode page. If you have questions, email In This Episode * How one moment can change your entire approach to life [11:50] * What happens when you allow yourself to examine the negative thoughts you have [16:20] * What the power of thought quality is [21:45] * How to apply the Cleanse or Clog formula to your life [25:00] * How transforming your language to label your emotions releases them within you [33:10] * How to have compassion for yourself [40:00] * What power there is in asking other people feeling questions [48:50] Quotes “We need an allowance to be able to process our emotions when sh*t hits the fan. Because let’s face it, life is not always rainbows and sunshine all the time, every single day.” [15:51] “Focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t do. Now, here’s the difference between the power of thought quality and positive thinking: When you find the thing that you can do, no matter how small that is, I want you to celebrate it like it is a huge moment in life.” [18:19] “If you say ‘no’ to another person or you say something negative to another person and it triggers them, well it’s doing the same thing when you’re talking to yourself that way.” [30:54] “When you can reestablish that connection to your feelings, your body’s ability to receive pleasure will begin to restore itself.” [41:19] “Just start where you are. It doesn’t matter. If you are like me and you don’t even understand the concept of what a feeling is, just trust me and write your list of everything that you feel is broken in your life.” [47:16] Resources Mentioned Buy Conscious Communication by Mary Shores on Amazon Find Mary Shores Online Follow Mary Shores on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest Join the KetoGreen Community on Facebook Buy Keto-Green 16 Check out the full episode page Find Dr. Anna Online Follow Dr. Anna on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Related Episodes: 151: How to Create Your Joyful, Authentic Personal Brand w/ Juju Hook 154: How to Unlearn What You Were Taught About Suffering w/ Sarah Anne Stewart 149: How to Create an Abundant, Aligned, and Fulfilled Life w/ Natalie Matushenko
55 min
Divine Living
Divine Living
Gina DeVee
Lori Harder on the Feminine Way of Big Business
Today I’m talking with Lori Harder, an already crazy successful Queen, who took a plunge and decided to go even bigger! Lori was already a fitness expert, cover model, and podcaster with 24 million downloads, but that just wasn’t enough. She decided to break into the alcohol business, a generally male-dominated industry, and make a big splash. A rosé flavored wine seltzer splash! Lori will tell us all about launching Lite Pink, a drink designed to create intentional, meaningful experiences and help Queens connect. Why did she decide to uproot everything and start anew? How did she make it work? Let’s find out! We’re talking big vision, big goals, and big energy, and it’s all centered and dedicated to Queens like you. Lori is a great example of a Queen who goes after what she wants in a deeply vulnerable, feminine, and smart way. I’m so thrilled for you to hear this talk, my dahling! It’s an amazing episode for anyone who is in the world of entrepreneurship, either just beginning or looking to take their business to the next level. So let’s jump right in and find out how and why Lori took this quantum leap forward! Key points discussed * The inspiration and energy behind the Lite Pink idea (02:20) * How to go from an idea to a full-blown company (13:25) * It’s so important not to be squeamish about your desires (17:07) * The process of creating an obsession-worthy product (20:11) * Creating opportunities for women and raising money (26:17) * What it means to make millions as a woman investor (35:29) * Lori’s decision to let only women invest in her business (46:24) * Where to find Lori online and learn about Lite Pink (50:03) Additional resources Wow, what a story! Lori dreams big and really goes for it and I want that for you too! Get in touch with Lori via her Instagram, follow Lite Pink, and check out the Lite Pink website for more exciting content! We’d also be so honored to hear your takeaways! Screenshot this episode and tag us on Instagram at @ginadevee and @loriharder. Let’s get talking, my dear Queen! Be sure to subscribe to the Divine Living podcast, share your reviews, and tune in every week to get one step closer to your Queenhood! _Finally, if you’re looking to find support and Queens that will keep you motivated and inspired, come join me over in the __Q Club!__ The Q Club is your new favorite at-home destination for all things Queen: femininity, luxury, spirituality, travel, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, high-vibe community, and unapologetic self-permission. Come join this fabulous community of divine living Queens and lock in the founding member rate by October 30th! Let the fierce, feminine, and fabulous FUN start now!_
53 min
The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life Balance
The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life Balance
Chalene Johnson
Teaching Your Kids To Be Independent | CarSmart Edition - 614
Chalene has had a crazy busy week — so, we are so incredibly thankful to our PodSquad for coming up with today’s topic! On today’s show, Chalene and Bret share how (they feel) they were able to help both Brock and Cierra become independent young adults. By no means do they think they were/are the perfect parents! However, they do take great pride for being on the same page when it comes to teaching their kids — starting at a young age — how to be self sufficient and take responsibility for themselves. You’ll hear the specific teachings which helped their children be ready for adulting! Thank you to our show sponsor Trophy Skin to get 30% off enter the code LIFER at checkout!!!! Thank you to our Sponsor!!! Organifi!!! Go to and Use the Code CHALENE for 15% off all products!! Links from today’s episode: * Queen Bee Push Journals are BACK!!! Hurry and get yours * Check out all the Discounts and some of Chalene’s favorite things at * Leave Chalene a message at (619) 500-4819 * Leave Chalene a Voicemail review or question HERE * Join our awesome PodSquad on Facebook here! * Go to and see what your passion or hidden talents are!! Stop dieting & start living: Join Phase it Up with no Initiation Fee Now!! Get the 131 Book!!! Here’s The System I Use Every Day to be More Organized & Crazy Productive: Sign Up For MY WEEKLY NEWSLETTER and you'll get FREE tips on how to live a ridiculously amazing fun-filled life! Be sure you are subscribed to this podcast to automatically receive your episodes!!! Subscribe to Build Your Tribe!!! Join our awesome PodSquad on Facebook here! Get episode show notes here: Connect with me on your fav social platform: * SnapChat: ChaleneOfficial * Facebook: * Instagram: * Twitter: * TikTok: @chaleneOfficial Hey! Send me a tweet & tell me what you think about the show! (Use the Hashtag) #TheChaleneShow so I know you’re a homie! XOXO Chalene
32 min
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