Be Well By Kelly
Be Well By Kelly
Oct 9, 2020
54. Intentionally Building the Life You Love - with Kelsey Murphy #FabulousFriends
1 hr 34 min

Being an entrepreneur, it can sometimes feel like you’re all alone until you start networking and putting yourself out there and then you realize that entrepreneurs are everywhere. Even within that world, though, there are so many personalities. Kelsey Murphy knew that she wanted to be surrounded by like-minded people and that doing so would help everyone grow. So she started a mastermind where she hand-picked participants, and now her specialty is bringing people together to grow their businesses successfully. Today, she’s going to walk us through turning your passion—and your zone of genius—into a business you love and that perfectly matches your lifestyle goals.

You will learn about...

  • Imagining your perfect day
  • Hacks for getting your business on track
  • Finding the combo of what people want and what you like to do
  • Advice for sharing your life
  • Figuring out your zone of genius
  • Turning your genius into a stable career
  • The magic of consistency
  • Recognizing the work you’re doing
  • Where to start when you hate your job
  • Making your three year plan


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Well-Fed Women
Well-Fed Women
Noelle Tarr
How to Deal with Mold Exposure and Toxicity with Dr. Ann Shippy
Here’s the notes for episode #298 of Well-Fed Women. Be sure to check back every Tuesday for a new episode, and head over to Apple Podcasts or Stitcher to subscribe! To leave a review for the podcast (HORRAY!), go to: In this episode, Noelle and another Well-Fed Woman Dr. Ann Shippy discuss how to deal with mold exposure and toxicity.  Got a question you’d like us to answer? Email us at 10% of the funds we receive from our sponsors is donated directly to our partner charity, Thistle Farms, a place where women survivors of abuse, addiction, trafficking and prostitution receive help and support through residential programs, therapy, education, and employment opportunities. Because we get paid per download, you are actively supporting Thistle Farms by downloading our podcast each week. Topics![03:32] How to Deal With Mold Exposure and Toxicity with Dr. Ann Shippy Links!Noelle’s website: Buy our book Coconuts and Kettlebells Well-Fed Women Holistic Health Facebook Group Dr. Ann Shippy’s Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube Mold Toxicity Workbook Could It Be Mold? Free Download Testing Mentioned: Great Plains Laboratory Urine Test Real Time Lab Urine Test Home Testing: HC-45 and Mycotoxins through Aemtek HEPA Filter for HVAC System Homebiotic Supplements: Liposomal Glutathione Charcoal Mitochondria Bundle Mold Cleaning Solution Mold Solution Spray BLUbloxThe podcast is sponsored by BLUblox. I have become so passionate about light optimization recently, and filtering out computer light and blue light entirely after the sun sets. I wasn’t doing anything about this until about a year ago, and I was experiencing eye strain, migraines, and an unexplained wired and tired feeling, especially at night. Now I wear BLUblox computer filter glasses anytime I’m looking at screens, and BLUblox sleep lenses at night, and I haven’t experienced symptoms since. BLUblox was created because they saw the need for a product that was exactly in line with the peer reviewed academic literature. There are a lot of cheaply made lenses out there that don’t actually block all the blue and green light. Don’t waste your time on that, go to, and use the code WELLFED for 15% off. BioOptimizersIf you are looking to support your immune system and your gut this winter season, which we all are, BiOptimizers has a pretty cool product called the “Ultimate Immunity Protection Stack”. Their Immunity Stack is a bundle of 3 products which contains over 18 natural herbs and probiotic blends formulated to eliminate bad bacteria, feed good bacteria, and repair a compromised gut lining. It works with your current routine and improves your gut-brain connection. You all know I love P3-OM, which is a proteolytic probiotic. It’s in this immunity stack, along with leaky gut guardian that contains really important prebiotics, you can just stir it into any beverage.  It also includes Cogni-Biotics, which contains a blend of herbs and probiotics to help increase serotonin and happy chemicals to naturally elevate your mood, performance and cognitive function with no side effects or dependencies. For the entire month of November there’s a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale going on so really now is the best time to try their stuff! Go to and use coupon code WELLFED10 to save an extra 10% on the Immunity Protection Stack.
1 hr 2 min
Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast
Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast
Samantha Gladish: Online Nutritionist, Weight Loss Coach and Hormone Fixer-
130: Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas
Are you excited to celebrate the holidays? Get into the holiday spirit with these gift ideas with a healthy twist. You can find all the info and links about this episode at Topics Discussed in this Episode: * My holiday gift ideas * Essential oils * Skincare * Supplements * Healthy gift baskets * Books and journals * Meal prep kits and homemade treats * Sleep kits and fitness kits * The SodaStream * Coupons Key Takeaways: * Essential oils always make amazing gifts. And especially this year when there’s been this bigger awareness about taking responsibility for how we’re showing up for our health, essential oils fit in beautifully. * If you are ready to ditch your toxic cleaning products, revamp your skincare, and also support your hormonal health, adrenal health, energy, digestion, etc., essential oils are the way to go. * If you’re looking to support your hormones and take it up a notch in the new year with your health, and get on a better routine, gift yourself with some amazing supplements. * For somebody who really wants to step up their health in the new year, a great gift idea would be to give them the tools that will help them be successful. Action Steps: * Make DIY essential oil gifts for friends and family. You can buy some empty bottles and make DIY all-purpose cleaners and roll-on blends. * Support your loved one’s health or longevity by gifting them with supplements. * Peruse the Natura Market website: and put together nice little gift packs for friends and family. * Head over to and gift The 30-Day Hormone Solution to yourself or someone who wants to dive deeper into hormonal health. * Put together meal prep kits, sleep kits, and fitness kits to give as gifts. * Make coupons. Samantha said: “It’s your decision; it’s your choice how you want to head into the holiday season… Especially this year with everything that we have all been through, with what’s been going on with the pandemic, we need these things to celebrate.” “Make sure that you give yourself some downtime and some time to truly celebrate and enjoy the holiday season.” Thanks for listening! Important Announcements: Don’t forget to connect with me over on Instagram, @holisticwellnessfoodie. Let me know if there’s anything you’d love for me to expand on. It would also mean so much if you would leave us a rating or a review at any podcast platform that you’re listening to us on. Links to things I talk about in the show: * Save 20% off Energybits Spirulina and Chlorella at Use the code HEALTHYHORMONES. * Save 15% off ALL Organifi products at Check out Organifi Immune to help support your body during the cold and flu season. Use the code HEALTHYHORMONES for your 15% savings. * Save 20% off ALL Alitura Naturals SkinCare at The Clay Mask is the BEST!! * Save 15% storewide on LeesTea and LeesGhee (the pink chai is my absolute fav! and their maple ghee is amazing in coffee and perfect over roasted vegetables). Use the code HEALTHYHORMONES - * Check out CANPREV products across Canadian Health Food Stores and online at - I personally LOVE their MYCO10 and Collagen powder. They are great to add to smoothies and elixirs. Also, check out their product ADRENAL CHILL for supporting the adrenal glands and helping your body better adapt to stress. * Save 15% off your very first order on - They carry the best health food products and they are my go-to source for all things delicious! A few brands that I order on the regular - nutpods, siete, lily's chocolate, bobs red mill, simple mills and primal palate spices. You're gonna LOVE shopping here. They only ship to Canada*. Use the code HEALTHYHORMONES and save 15%. Where you can find me: Samantha’s Facebook Samantha’s Instagram Samantha’s Website Samantha’s Twitter Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast Private Community on Facebook How you can work with me: * 6-Week Healthy Hormones for Women Intensive - Get 60% off when you enroll today! * Healing & Dealing with Hashi’s
43 min
The Essential Oil Revolution w/ Essential Oils Educator Samantha Lee Wright
The Essential Oil Revolution w/ Essential Oils Educator Samantha Lee Wright
Samantha Lee Wright
246: The Simple Yet Transformative Power of Breathwork
Breathe in and breathe out. Such a simple concept, but one that can change the entire course of your life. This week we are joined by Jen Broyles, an Essential Oils Specialist, Breathwork Instructor, and Health Coach. She helps individuals restore and optimize their health by calming the nervous system, reducing stress, and awakening their inner healer. Jen combines the healing power of breathwork, essential oils, and other holistic modalities to help clients create a lifestyle of health, vitality and freedom. Get ready for a very special episode to learn the power of breathwork, and how essential oils can take this to the next level! Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include: Click here to purchase your copy of Samantha’s book Pineapple Podcasting: or visit To see if The Sacred Breath Community is right for you visit: (free 7 day trial) Make sure to check out Samantha’s Green Fills Laundry products at Essential Oil Insiders: a monthly membership with access to exclusive modules, talks, Q&As, and Samantha’s private facebook group. Cost is $15/month (first 30 days are free) Submit a Recipe to the DIY Dugout by emailing OR by using the Hashtags #diydugout and #revolutionoilspodcast on Instagram. Swag prize bundle still running! Learn more here: For full show notes and more visit Grab our free guide on toxin-free living HERE Take the free essential oil course with cheat-sheets and handouts: Join our ah-Mazing! tribe of peeps sharing wellness and getting paid: Hangout with Sam on the internet. Come find her on: Facebook: Instagram: My Site: Email: Thank you to our amazing sponsors this week: Liquid IV →For 25% off your order, visit and enter promo code REVOLUTION This episode is sponsored by Better Help →For 10% off your first month, use discount code REVOLUTION> Visit, enter your email address, and you will be sent a series of videos to break down the basics of essential oils and their uses View our entire sponsor list at
39 min
The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast
The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast
Dr. Janean Anderson
Episode 66: Positive Nutrition and Food Neutrality with Paige Smathers
On this episode with Paige Smathers, we dive into gentle nutrition and the journey of recovery. Paige shares with us some ways that we can take back food in terms of nourishing our bodies and being present in our bodies. We also discuss: * What practicing gentle nutrition may look like * How breaking away from diet culture brings liberation * Neutralizing all foods when practicing gentle nutrition * And much more! Connect with Paige on IG: @paigesmathersrd Paige Smathers, RDN, CD is a registered dietitian nutritionist in private practice and podcaster whose work revolves around helping people heal their relationships with food and their body. She specializes in chronic dieting, addiction recovery nutrition, eating disorders and family feeding dynamics. In her spare time, she can be found exploring the outdoors and making delicious food with her husband, two young daughters and her dog named Boone. She is the owner of Positive Nutrition™, which provides individual nutrition therapy, online courses, and mentorship and coaching for professionals. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook for more food for thought! Get your copy of Dr. Anderson’s book, Recover Your Perspective, on! This podcast is hosted and produced by Janean Anderson, Ph.D., CEDS-S. Dr. Anderson is a licensed psychologist, author, and podcast host. She holds the Certified Eating Disorder Specialist designation from the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP). She is the Founder and Director of Colorado Therapy & Assessment Center, an outpatient treatment center in Denver, Colorado that specializes in eating disorders. Dr. Anderson also provides private, one-on-one recovery coaching for listeners of the podcast and for treatment providers seeking supervision and consultation for their CEDS. Interested? Email for more info: This podcast is sponsored by EDCare. As one of the nation’s foremost centers for the diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders, EDCare offers patients, their families, healthcare professionals and the community over 19 years of eating disorder experience. Their gender-inclusive programs include PHP, day and evening IOP, outpatient therapy and an adolescent program. Their unique mindfulness-based treatment philosophy CAMSA®, which stands for Connection, Acceptance, Mindfulness, Sense of self, and Action, is incorporated into each individualized treatment plan and supported by Master’s level clinicians or higher. EDCare offers four specialty programs for binge eating disorder, athletes, substance use, and trauma. Facilities are located in Denver, Colorado Springs, Kansas City, and Omaha. Affordable housing is available in Denver and Kansas City. Visit them online at to learn more or call 866-771-0861 To learn more about the podcast, visit Follow Dr. Anderson’s work here: Instagram @drjaneananderson Get emails about Dr. Anderson’s writing and other happenings at
50 min
Just the Good Stuff
Just the Good Stuff
Rachel Mansfield
Hu Kitchen Co-Founders Jordan Brown + Jessica Karp On Creating Hu's (Deliciously Addicting) Products, Growing Their Brand + What Is To Come!
#38: In today's episode, I am chatting with two of the founders of one of our favorite brands - Hu! You likely know Hu because of their kickass dark chocolate bars, hunks, gems and crackers and they are exploding everywhere right now. And pre COVID you probably could have seen me in their restaurant in Union Square about 4x week. I have been a groupie of Hu’s for years now. Way before my blog or Instagram and the founders have become dear friends of mine and in this episode you will hear the full lowdown on how they got started, their approach to food and why Hu products stand out so much compared to anyone in the market when it comes to ingredients, taste and everything. We also dive into why the restaurant closed, what is to come for Hu and you get to listen first hand to the brother and sister duo, Jordan and Jessica, who started the brand along with Jessica’s husband Jason. I love Hu so damn much we are even invested in the brand. They are changing the industry in the best way ever and it is a dream to be a part of the magic. If you haven’t tried Hu’s products yet - 1000000% place your order with them today and use the code RACHL for free shipping on their site. You can’t go wrong with literally anything from them. But a few of my favorites are the cashew butter and vanilla bean, almond butter and puffed quinoa, crunchy mint, gems (those are the little chocolates I bake with!), every cracker flavor and the hunks are beyond addicting. Thank you MegaFood for sponsoring today's episode. I personally have been buying MegaFood’s products for over 6 years now and am obsessed with the brand. All of MegaFood’s products are non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan or vegetarian and SOY-FREE (something that is really rare in vitamins and supplements believe it or not). Use the code RACHL for 15% off your first order. Thank you to my favorite haircare brand, Prose, for sponsoring this episode. Prose creates custom products for every single customer based off an in depth consultation you take on their site - seriously it was so in depth and helpful! They make all clean and responsibility made products that are free of parabens, sulfates, GMOs and anything cruel and gross. I use their pre shampoo mask, shampoo and conditioner religiously. Every Prose bottle is made-to-order for you and you can get 15% off your first order today!! For more from me, I'm over @rachLmansfield and
1 hr 3 min
Essentially You: Empowering You On Your Health & Wellness Journey With Safe, Natural & Effective Solutions
Essentially You: Empowering You On Your Health & Wellness Journey With Safe, Natural & Effective Solutions
Dr. Mariza Snyder
243: What You Need to Know About the Stages of Perimenopause and How to Address Them
We all have been told the “horrors” of menopause, but few people are really talking about the biggest time of transition in a woman’s life: perimenopause. This 4-10 year period before your menstrual cycle totally stops can be a time of fluctuating hormones, uncomfortable symptoms (including hot flashes, stubborn weight, exhaustion, sleep struggles, and more), and feelings that your life as you know it is over. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Tune in to today’s episode to hear why perimenopause is a period of so much change and how you can make this transition with ease and grace to continue living with energy and health for years to come! * Which hormones are the biggest players as you make the transition to perimenopause and menopause * How you can immediately identify which stage of perimenopause you are in so you can start feeling better ASAP * The biggest signs and symptoms of hormone imbalances and what you can do to start healing them * My favorite supplement & lifestyle recommendations to relieve your symptoms and get your body back in balance Mentioned in this episode: Hormone Quiz Magnesium Restore Activated B Complete Calm & Restore Vitamin C Boost Progest-Restore Related resources: How Estrogen Dominance Affects PMS During Perimenopause What Is Estrogen Dominance and How Does It Affect Your Body? Do You Have Estrogen Dominance? Take This Assessment to Find Out... Essentially You episode #237: The Truth Behind Stubborn Weight Gain After 40 Years Old Essentially You episode #211: What is the Difference Between Perimenopause and Menopause and Why is it So Confusing? Essentially You episode #167: How to Reverse Estrogen Dominance, Especially During Perimenopause
38 min
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