Should Your Shop Have a Podcast? [E057]
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In this podcast episode, Brian and Kim discuss the benefits of auto repair shops having a podcast. They emphasize the importance of creating a podcast that focuses on topics related to the local community rather than solely on auto repair. They suggest discussing local events, leaders, and interesting stories to engage with the community and attract new customers. They also discuss the idea of featuring guests on the show, including influential people in the community. Brian and Kim highlight the value of planning and preparation for podcast episodes and recommend specific resources on how to start a podcast.

Show Notes with Timestamps

  • The importance of consistency in podcasting (00:01:02) Discusses the need for discipline and consistency in producing podcast episodes regularly.
  • Choosing the right topic for your podcast (00:05:38) Suggests that an auto repair shop's podcast should focus on local community events and topics rather than solely on auto repair.
  • Promoting local events on the podcast (00:06:55) Highlights the example of promoting a local event called "Hot August Stroll" and how it can engage the local community.
  • The importance of community-focused podcasts (00:07:09) Discussion on the need for podcasts in local communities and the potential topics that can be covered.
  • Events and community topics (00:08:03) Exploration of the types of events and community happenings that can be discussed on a podcast.
  • Interviewing local influencers and political candidates (00:10:02) Suggestion to invite influential individuals in the community, including political candidates, for interviews on the podcast.
  • The sponsorship opportunity (00:14:11) Discussion on how a repair shop can sponsor their own podcast and promote their business during the sponsorship segment.
  • The importance of a simple podcast name (00:15:19) Advice on not using cute or clever names for podcasts and businesses, and the example of a successful podcast with a simple name.
  • Starting a podcast and equipment options (00:18:14) Recommendation to check out a free guide by Pat Flynn on how to start a podcast and a discussion on different equipment options, including a simple setup with lav mics and an iPhone interface.
  • The downsizing of podcast equipment (00:21:21) Discussion about the decision to downsize podcast equipment for travel purposes.
  • Advice on starting a podcast (00:24:24) Discussion on the factors to consider when starting a podcast, including the importance of enjoying the topic and its potential effectiveness for marketing.
  • Promoting the podcast and closing remarks (00:26:14) Discussion on promoting the podcast, directing listeners to the website for episodes, and encouraging subscriptions, reviews, and sharing.

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