Yellow is SOOOOO Misunderstood
Play • 25 min

Yellow is the color of SOOO many wonderful things like the sun, butter, twinkies, honey, flowers and gold! That's a whole lot of good stuff, but can feel like too much in a room. Yellow has a lot to offer, and sometimes it wants you to have it all SO MUCH, that it can overwhelm you. Too much of anything, even sun, butter and twinkies, is not good for you.

So yellow also teaches you to THINK and to pay attention. It wants you to have the confidence to know yourself so you can have as much of this good stuff as you are comfortable with. In this way, it is a teacher or mentor. It is smart and thoughtful and a little cerebral. Maybe even a bit of a know-it-all.

See what I mean by complicated and misunderstood? But just give yellow a chance, like I did. It has a lot to offer, comes in many shades and tones, so one or two MUST be right for you. Just listen, and yellow will help you choose just the right one....or two :)

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