Attention to Detail with Eric Byrd
Eric Byrd
Never settle for good when great is your calling. How do you rise to the top of your profession? How do you become the best or at least better than you were? Is it all just talent? Luck? Right place, right time or who you know? All of these can certainly have impact on your success. But what if you could focus on small, yet hugely influential details that will propel you and your organization to success? Attention to Detail with Eric Byrd is the manifestation of exactly that! Byrd has worked with churches - praise teams, worship leaders, pastors, deacons and elder boards. He's also worked with non-faith based organizations - schools, individuals, musicians and up and comers. He started VIP Consulting to equip leaders on how to lead better. This podcast is an extension of that mission. If you are an artist, worship leader or a creative type, a leader, a teacher or educator, an individual that wants to stand out in a crowded room, pay attention to detail. Listen to Attention to Detail with Eric Byrd
Attention to Detail with Eric Byrd
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