April 2021 Horoscopes: Monster Moon Mania
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Get excited for Aries season! And make sure to live your life in the first part of this month because when the monster moon comes on April 26, who knows what will happen! Susan Miller herself can’t even tell us what to expect.  

In this episode, Laura and Alex continue to be confused about Susan’s posting habits (she was on time again and it wasn’t even an April Fools’ Day prank) and work through their fears about the ominous monster moon in Scorpio that will bring unexpected and unwelcome obstacles and changes to all of the signs. They discuss Susan’s note to her readers, geezers versus geysers, Scorpio hate, and of course, all of Susan’s practical advice for getting through the monster moon and the pandemic. 

Horoscope highlights for each sign can be found at the following timestamps: 

Aries: 6:46

Taurus: 11:30

Gemini: 15:44

Cancer: 17:41

Leo: 19:29

Virgo: 21:36

Libra: 22:35

Scorpio: 23:32

Sagittarius: 29:19

Capricorn: 30:52

Aquarius: 33:16

Pisces: 35:12

Practical advice from Susan Miller: 36:25

Share your own thoughts on Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone with us (and let us know about your experience with the monster moon!) by emailing astrologyzoned@gmail.com.



Laura: Hello, everybody! Welcome to April 2021. We made it this far! Yay!

Alex: Hi everyone. Hi Laura!

Laura: Oh, hi Alex!

Alex: How are you doing?

Laura: I think I'm okay but then I read our horoscopes and now I have some concerns for something, but you know, I think we'll get through. We’ll talk about why we're scared, but also I feel like we've lived through so much already that maybe I shouldn't be so scared, but I don't know, I got nervous.

Alex: The fact that we have lived through so much and we're scared though maybe says something.

Laura: Maybe it says something. Yeah, yeah. Well let's get into, as usual, when Susan Miller released the horoscopes for April. Again, another surprise. Another surprise, she released them on April 1. Wow. And I think, you know, last month in March we were so shocked because she released them a day early and that was really out of character and now it was just on time. So you and I agree that that while we don't like it and we're perturbed by her promptness—

Alex: Extremely

Laura: Extremely—we are just going to now keep track of like this streak and see how long it goes and also if we ever get an answer about why it's after 25 years she's suddenly become prompt with her horoscopes. It's a mystery.

Alex: Right, so it's like a challenge. Susan, can you keep this up? But also why?

Laura: Also why? Yeah we don't know why is it happening.

Alex: Why are you doing this to us?

Laura: Yeah why you're doing this, what’s changed about your process, what's going on.

But she released them on time. It was April 1. I had just gotten my second dose of the vaccine and I was really out of it so it took me a few days to read. But now we have and I think we should start off with the note from Susan Miller.

Alex: Yes, so she starts off the note by saying: April will be a good, cheerful, and productive month until we get to the monster full moon in Scorpio on April 26. I know. And then she wrote: I know I am writing this on April 1, April Fool's Day, and I wish I were pranking you. This full moon will be no joke.

Laura: Oh no, but see I got scared.

Alex: It’s incredibly ominous but also I was wondering if she like crafted this and she was like, Oh, this is good, I gotta post on April 1 so that I can put this little gem in, and that was part of her motivation.

Laura: It might be, it might be I mean, I mean, it is a good joke, you know, a good line, but because also for a second I did think like, is this an April Fool's joke when they posted. No, it was all there so I don’t know. So right, so she warned us about a monster moon and Alex, what is a monster moon?

Alex: I was very intrigued by this idea of the monster moon, because, you know, great alliteration and you know it sounds exciting and creepy. I tried to look into what a monster moon is and by that I mean I googled, and I have no answers.

Laura: Okay, so it's not, it's not like when there's like a harvest moon or strawberry now. Okay, so it might just be her term for like a large and impactful moon full moon event.

Alex: I think it might be that, as well, but she doesn't explain it.

Laura: Okay, well because then she also said her note that the last time there was a monster moon was October 31, 2020. And so she wants us to tell her what happens for us this time, like, let her know.

Alex: She did. That was a big part of note. She did all of the ways that you can communicate with her, so please let her know what happens to you.

Laura: Oh, great. Okay, so I think we should tell her. I think we should email her from the podcast and be like, this is what happened for us. That would be a good way to keep the contact going with Susan Miller. Okay, so then the other part of her note we always get, you know, a Susan Miller businesswoman update and Susan Miller wrote the foreword for an art book called Astrology that she talked with a beautiful prints in it and then my favorite part is that she said that they asked for two paragraphs, but she gave them 1800 words and they didn't want to change a thing. And I was like that's so Susan Miller, like you just want to know what's up and she's like, let me explain it all to you. So, and then also she included a little bit about this book in everyone's horoscope so that no one would miss it, which I found interesting because in March, she had this big announcement and it turned out to be that she was being sponsored by, not even being sponsored by, but she had some sort of collaboration with a CBD fizzy water, and we were very confused about it, and it just appeared in the note briefly, and also days after she'd already announced the horoscopes and, and she didn't put that in everyone's note, but she did put this art book in everyone's horoscope, so unclear what the situation is, but she seems very hyped about this book and wanted to make sure everyone knew that they could get it for only 40 US dollars.

Alex: Yes, and she provided a link so that you can buy it.

Laura: So I'm wondering if she's got any sort of financial arrangement because she kind of did more for the book than she did for the fizzy water. As the month went on, I had a lot more feelings about the fizzy water and now influencing works and how effective marketing works and I gotta say I wasn’t really sure that Susan had done it. But um, you know, hey, it was her first influencing deal that we know about. Like it is in the modern influencing kind of way. She’s done a lot of different like collaborations and sponsorship things.

Alex: And maybe her end game was just some free CBD fizzy water and she got it.

Laura: Yeah, definitely. I mean, though. Bless.

Alex: Yeah. Right, exactly.

Laura: But yeah so we're still unclear on why horoscopes early. Is it a result of the fizzy water? I don't know, I don't know, and will we ever find out? Alright, so that was the note from Susan Miller. Should we get into the horoscopes?

Alex: Let's get into the horoscopes so Aries, Happy birthday to Aries.

Laura: Happy Birthday Aries. Well before we get into it, can we say happy birthday to a few Aries that we know personally, okay because you know they're going to listen. So happy birthday to Liz Wexler! Happy Birthday Liz. And happy birthday to a very powerful Aries woman, Erin Clark, good friend of mine, and Erin has written a memoir, it is called “If You Really Love Me Throw Me off the Mountain.” If you like travel adventure, romance, intimacy, paragliding, Spain, you will definitely enjoy this book, and for her birthday I think that you should buy it and leave her a review. I'll put a link in our show notes but you can find it if you just look for “If You Really Love Me Throw Me off the Mountain,” which is just the most Aries title ever.

Alex: Oh, big time Aries energy.

Laura: And the publisher of Erin’s book designed the cover because Erin has like Aries in Mars, so that's what the cover of the book has red on it.

Alex: Well done.

Laura: Very cool.

Alex: Well, it sounds like there's something for everyone.

Laura: Definitely. Okay, so in general for Aries horoscopes, what do we have?

Alex: Well, she started the forecast by saying that the big emphasis that Aries had on career in the past few years is kind of winding down. And the last full moon in March was really great. There was a golden triangle. You know I just like to repeat these things that Susan says, I don't really know what they are. And that accented your partnerships and your commitments. So, you know, getting into the romance early. Maybe you met someone, maybe you already have someone until you're getting married, something like that. She does say on April 6, some things are going to happen with planets, and you're going to have the opportunity for love, allure, charm and beauty. So she recommends going on a first date, seeing your stylist, or going shopping. Laura: Wow, okay.

Alex: She says this is a day for fun pickup flowers to place on your coffee table on the way home.

Laura: Lovely.

Alex: What Aries doesn't want to do that, you know? She says, on April 11, Mars is going to be in your short trip travel house, so you may find that you're needing to take a trip without a lot of notice, and it may be there’s another planet that has to do with like close relatives and so it likely might be like you need to visit a sibling out of nowhere or cousin or something like that. This was a trend in a lot of the horoscopes, which we will talk about, April 15 and 16 appear to be wonderful days for everyone, no exception for the Aries. And then she did say April 16 and 17 are great days to sign papers, give a speech, or hand in a manuscript because Jupiter and Mars are going to meet and that doesn't happen very often.

Laura: Oh, okay.

Alex: I mean, here's the thing, it was very, it was very good and again this is going to be a trend throughout this whole show, which is like things are really great until this monster moon comes, and then with the monster moon comes unexpected things that are not good. And there are things that you never could guess. I think for Aries in particular the monster moon is not going to be so good in terms of financial aspects. So that's really not great. Yeah, it just kind of goes downhill from there. I don't want to be too much of a bummer.

Laura: Yeah, no I everyone everyone's monster moon had a lot of doom forewarning.

Alex: A lot of doom, so much so that she even wrote in Aries one that May will be better.

Laura: Oh, yeah, she said that I think for Taurus and other people as well. So, I guess all we can tell people is that, be careful. Well, in our practical advice wrap up at the end we'll, we'll give you some more of this but just keep your schedule light and be careful around the monster moon.

Alex: Yeah. Exactly. Keep your schedule light. Be productive in the first part of the month, get your things done, but also get your rest because you're going to need it to deal with the monster moon.

Laura: Okay. Well, you know, happy birthday Aries. It sounds like the first part it's great then we're going to hit a bump. May will be better.

Alex: May will be better. Hang in there.

Laura: Yeah, hang in there. Okay so Taurus here is some bits about your horoscope for April 2021. I am a Taurus so you're going to get a little bit more on this. So one thing that Susan said was that something you completed around March 28 made you proud, and I was like, oh, Erin Clark, the Aries we just mentioned, she and I finished a draft, finished the revisions on our manuscript for our romantic comedy for Audible and we like turned that in right around the full moon so I was like, I am proud Susan, thank you. That was exciting and then for Taurus she goes on that in your career you are golden and it seems you can do no wrong. This year you have Jupiter the giver of gifts and luck shining at the top of your chart in Aquarius, your 10th house of prestigious career leadership and advancement. Jupiter will see you get an array of offers. Be choosy and pick the ones that provides you with the biggest gain and also gives your soul the most satisfaction. So that, that felt nice you know, I was like okay I'm ready, I'm ready for it. And then she went into the full moon and this is when I just kind of disassociated and went into like

Alex: Survival mode.

Laura: Yeah, survival mode. I just kind of powered down. I got scared and anxious and I disassociated. But what she says about the monster moon is that the full moon will the full moon is in Scorpio and Alex you're a Scorpio.

Alex: I know and I'm kind of like does this really crappy full moon really need to be in Scorpio to just add to the Scorpio hate already in the world, and of course it does because just pile on to the Scorpios but

Laura: I literally said out loud when I was reading about this full moon I said I reject it. I can’t handle what it wants to bring. She said it will be emotional and troublesome bringing news and events you never would have expected, and she was talking about the week of April 26 and like keeping your schedule light because you might have things unexpected and you have to change plans. It could be something that will draw attention to your partner, a person close to you, so just your spouse or business partner or a collaborator. You might have to drop whatever you are doing near April 26 and attend to the matter that bursts forth like a geyser out of the ground. And I was like I reject this because I'm almost fully vaccinated and my family's getting their last vaccines, we’re going to be fully vaccinated by the end of April, and I'm finally going to be able to go home and see my family after not seeing them for over a year, and I was like I can't I won't be changing, I won't be dropping everything, I will just be going to see my family. So she did say that like, there would be like friends to support so like, there'll be help at this new moon for Taurus so that and it will light your house of communication, travel, and close kin, so you might need to be in contact with a sibling or a cousin who will have an idea that will help, and you might be confronted with news that needs a quick solution. So that made me feel better that it was just gonna be like surprise information that I’ll have to deal with and not like a complete derailing. And I was like, well if anything happens in New York while I'm gone I have friends and they have like keys to my apartment or something, you know. So then I felt a little bit better but in general I was like I don’t accept anything that might derail me seeing my family.

Alex: You shouldn’t accept it.

Laura: I won’t.

Alex: You'll deal with the geyser if needed.

Laura: Yeah, exactly. I also I got scared because you know I've had I've had things happen where she that like I was like, is the geyser literal or metaphorical? That also scares me.

Alex: Yeah, it does. And we know that Susan tends to zero in on when people are going to have water damage.

Laura: exactly so then I then that made me nervous, but anyway May is going to be better and May is Taurus month and my birthday, so in our next podcast, I'm sure I'll have better news. But if my fellow Tauruses want to join me in rejecting whatever drama the full moon brings on.

Alex: Yeah, fellow Tauruses, be inspired by Laura. She’s not going to let that geyser get in her way!

Laura: No, I’m not. I'll just make a raincoat.

Alex: Exactly. Just be prepared for the geyser.

Laura: That's right. So, that's what we have for Taurus.

Alex: Great alright, well Gemini, this is your April 2021 horoscope summary. You are about to enter the most important months of the year for advancing your career. Get ready for your close up, dear Gemini, because you will be in demand. That's how it begins. So, you know, I think that's great. In terms of romance, she said that Geminis likely met someone at the end of March. And I don't know she didn’t really say anything about that, she just said maybe it happened. And then if you at the end of March, you are with someone, maybe you became engaged. She also says April 15 and 16, extremely good, best days of the month, they are calling out your name. And then it shifts into April 26 monster moon again and she is very quick to tell you to rest up for the monster moon. You know, be in good shape because we don't really know what's going to happen that's the whole point. Unexpected things that you don't want. She said the full moon will receive a challenge from unpredictable Uranus, making this time of year near April 26 quite unstable. This I thought was kind of funny. She said, you seem to be working hard at the office or lab.

Laura: Oh, what are you making Gemini?

Alex: I don't know, but I just thought that was very interesting. And you're, you're racing to finish up something in the lab and so you might be exhausted. So start that project in the lab early, so that when the monster moon hits you know it won't be completely terrible.

Laura: No, that sounds good, good advice. Thank you.

Alex: So, yeah, Gemini, it's about the same for you. Great things and then not so great things.

Laura: Well, Cancer, this is your horoscope highlight for April 2021. Susan wanted to let you know that a big moment will arrive at the Aries and new moon of April 11 and the days of April 12 through the 16 will be vital to your professional progress for this will be one of your best moments to show your company, your industry, and the world that you are made of all of the right stuff. Not only will you make a bigger name for yourself that week, you'll stand a chance of making a good amount of money too, especially if you are in sales or work on a performance basis like commission or royalty. And she's been talking about Cancers getting buckets of money for a few months now so I just put this put this information in that same bucket. Cancer, congratulations, more buckets of money. Good luck.

Alex: Yeah, find somewhere to store all those buckets because they are not going to stop coming.

Laura: Maybe the geezer like Taurus, it said the Tauruses were going to have geezers, like, the new moon, the full moon will have like a geezer out of the ground and maybe Cancers are just gonna have like geezers full of money. Is it called “geezer” or “geyser”? What did I just say?

Alex: Geyser.

Laura: They’re going to have old...

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