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Jack is a master Fine Artist, Illustrator, Painter.  Graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

As well he is a “Tuhon” (a Master) in the Filipino  fighting Martial art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali.

With over 20 years of master level experience in both art forms, he brings a unique perspective to the correlations of the Physical and the Ethereal truths that these Arts offer to the human soul.

He also happens to be my oldest Friend… literally 50 years on Earth together.


[00:01:30]    -50 years of friendship- Our childhood-music in the streets

[00:09:50]    -Art is uncovered for Jack as a kid 

[00:12:00]    -Collecting comics -Russ’ house – Jack’s Early influences

[00:17:00]    -The Martial Arts begin as kids at the same time

[00:18:40]    -Discovering Jacks Dad’s history in WWII

[00:22:56]    -Martial Arts all around as a kid- Discovering Filipino Martial Arts

[00:27:48]    -Back to The Visual Arts – Discovering dedication to something -Going to SVA

[00:34:55]    -Getting to see his peers- Fine Arts and Illustration- 

[00:39:10]    -Art Lovemaking -The abstract informs. Letting the art talk to you

[00:42:45]    -Discovering Teaching- Service as a life plan

[00:46:13]    -Back to Childhood-Parallel lives breaking the “Breakfast Club” mold

[00:53:33]    -Jacks Artwork from Dreams

[00:59:55]    -Did size matter? And Being a teacher

[01:06:03]    -Truth in the fine and visual arts- encoded in the image- Don’t chase Duende

[01:09:58]    -Pekiti Tirsia- Jack’s Martial Art  -Discovering it and early training

[01:15:11]    -Applying the lessons of the Physical art to the flow of life

[01:22:42]    -Jack becomes a “Tuhon”. Master of the Art of Pekiti Tirsia

[01:26:49]    -Service- Filipino roots come full circle- do things out of Love

[01:29:08]    -Tie these two Art forms together

[01:31:40]    -Last Thoughts


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The Art of Jack Latorre

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