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MUSICIAN-COMPOSER- Vincent Nigro-   New York Composer, Musician Vincent Nigro is a brilliant artist with an over 30-year career as both a live performer and music producer. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Vincent has scored several feature films and TV commercials and has performed for  and produced remixes for such artists as Madonna "Nothing Fails", Duran Duran's "Sunrise", Kelly Clarkson "Since you been Gone", Anastacia, Backstreet Boys,  Justin Timberlake/Nelly, Rob Thomas,  50 Cent,  Billy SquierShakira, and many more.

Time Stamps 

[0:22]  - Intro

[1:14]  - Our childhood in the 80s

[3:52]  - Early Music introductions

[15:12]  - First time on stage

[16:19]  - Performing Arts High School

[22:54]  - Berklee College of Music

[28:01]  -Learning film scoring in the “stone age”

[29:54]  -Odd jobs out of college -getting in band

[33:34]  -Music changes and Vin is right with it

[35:55]  -Lets talk Generation X (the greatest generation nobody remembers)

[37:26]  - Delivering teeth, dinner theatre and becoming a Rockstar

[40:55]  - Bellybutton-the band experience

[46:48]  - Bring the Funk

[48:00]  - “They’ll always be my brothers” and the music changes again

[54:12]  - Signing the big publishing deal- 9-11 comes calling-Don’t give up

[57:32]  - Craft- Vincent’s approach to writing music

[1:02:33]  - Hendrix and Zep Lesson

[1:12:27]  - How music evolves - Reggae- Punk example

[1:18:40]  -Breaking out of these bubbles to save art

[1:22:43]  - Nostalgic for music I didn’t listen to then

[1:25:09]  - Writing , film scoring, sound design for film

[1:32:04]  -Letting go of the art to feel the magic of surprise

[1:38:22]  - The Axis knows everything- Still creating

[1:42:54]  - Something in that Long Island water


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