Not Too Busy To Write
Penny Wincer
Ali Millar and Penny Wincer are not too busy to write. Except of course, sometimes they’re too busy to write as much as they would like. Join Ali and Penny as they navigate the world of writing, publishing and creativity whilst juggling the demands of motherhood, caring and other paid work, without losing themselves in the process. They’ll be discussing the challenges that often get in the way of sitting down to write, interviewing fellow authors and discussing their latest reads. They'll also be spurring each other on and reminding each other that they are not too busy to write. Ali Millar is the author of The Last Days (Ebury, 2022), a mother of 4, chair of many literary events and a Scot, newly relocated to London. She is currently working on a TV treatment, her next non-fiction proposal, and the last edits of The Last Days, which is out early 2022. Penny Wincer is the author of Tender: The Imperfect Art of Caring (Hodder, June 2020), is a single parent to two kids, one of whom is disabled, occasional journalist, professional photographer and an Australian and long-term resident of London. She’s currently writing a proposal for book number 2 and working on her first novel.
Not Too Busy To Write
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