Inside Crypto
Inside Crypto
Dec 20, 2021
UniSwap on Polygon and MAI on Harmony
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Good evening, morning and afternoon. How's everyone doing? I hope you are having a great weekend. Wherever you are listening to this, sitback, relax and take in all the Polygon Ecosystem News.. This is the sixth episode  of our PECO focused segment of the Inside Crypto podcast. In this series we plan to cover the latest news regarding the constituents of our Polygon Ecosystem Index. They are MATIC, Aavegotci, Quickswap, Qi, Adamant and DFYN.This episode was recorded on December 20th 2021. 

The first thing we will always dive into is the price action of the week and then go through any major news items with regards to the constituents. December continues to be a blockbuster month in terms of crypto news. UniSwap V3 eventually launching on Polygon, no surprise there…Aavegotchi can be exchanged for fiat via Swissborg and lots more news.

I have to mention that nothing in this episode constitutes financial advice. Please do your own research. Anything said here is my own opinion and not to be connected with my employer. But I am forever grateful to them for helping make this podcast a reality so please do check out our website and tokens we offer and

Thanks everyone for listening and don’t forget to tune in next week where we help you to get to grips with what is going on in the Polygon Ecosystem. 

News Covered Today:

Uniswap v3 contracts deployment on Polygon approved with 99.3% consensus

Quickswap Launches SAND-MATIC LP

Aavegotchi can be exchanged for fiat on Swissborg

Adamant launches ELK-CRONOS vaults

DFYN offers the best yields on Polygon

QiDao launches on Harmony Protocol

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