A Wee Bit Of War
Scott Edgar of WartimeNI
Hello and welcome to 'A Wee Bit Of War', a podcast dedicated to telling the stories of Northern Ireland during the Second World War. I'm your host Scott Edgar. I have been researching the history of the Second World War in Northern Ireland for over a decade. I run the online platform WartimeNI, which features hundreds of articles as well as over 2,000 people and places with stories connected to the time. While some stories such as the Belfast Blitz and the arrival of the American GIs are often recounted, others remain unknown and untold. in 'A Wee Bit Of War', we'll cover everything from the peaceful Phoney War days of 1939 through to V.E. Day Celebrations and the surrender of the U-Boats in 1945. We will be interviewing a range of guests on the show including authors, academics, historians, and family members with stories to tell. There is much more to the story of the Second World War in Northern Ireland than just military history. You can expect social history, women's history, black history, queer history... If it's got a good story, we'll be covering it.
A Wee Bit Of War
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