Cereus & Limnic
Cereus & Limnic
Aug 18, 2022
Chapter 27: Next of Kin
Play • 25 min

Noe goes on a dangerous mission, then receives some expected news.

If you're liking the audiodrama so far you can support it in two ways:

  1. Buy a copy of Cereus & Limnic (digital only)
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I'm only selling digital copies right now, because dealing with physical copies is a pain at the moment, but that could change if things pick up and demand grows for them.

You might ask yourself: “Why should I buy the book when I can just listen to the entire audiobook for free?“

I get your point.

But as an avid reader myself, I find that I tend to have a deeper more personalized experience with a book when I read it myself.

When I listen to an audio version how I visualize the characters and story is colored by the voice actors and the production, not by my own imagination.

This makes the experience less memorable and impactful for me.

Furthermore, when I have my own copy of the book I can go back and mark sections for further contemplation or reference, as well as share passages that I like with other people easily.

That’s tough and inconvenient to do with audiobooks.

Let’s say you’re listening to this podcast during a long drive. You hear a killer line that really resonates with you 45 minutes into your trip as the countryside passes by outside your window and the sun is high in the sky.

How are you gonna go back and find that line?

If you know what chapter you were listening to that narrows it down a bit.

But you’d still have to listen to it again to find that really valuable moment. That sucks.

If the audiobook isn’t broken up into chapters, then you’re really fucked.

Good luck finding that line again.

This is where it’s helpful to have your own copy of the book (if you like it of course).

You can read, reread, digitally highlight or take pictures of sections you like with ease.

Plus you’d be supporting a hardworking, talented, and handsome indie creator in the process. (Double win.)

Whatever you choose to do, thank you for supporting this podcast by reading these shownotes, listening to the podcast, buying the book, or donating. I really appreciate you!

Buy a copy of Cereus & Limnic (digital only)

Donate to the FutureFlight fund

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