Bonus Episode - Spice of Life
Feb 14, 2019 · 53 min
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Today on Causepods we are switching the format up a little bit and are lucky enough to be recording live from the Spice of Life charity event hosted by Forgotten Boardwalk in New Jersey! This annual event is all about celebrating life, organ donation, living donors, and great tasting beer! During the episode we chat to a number of organizers and attendees about their part in the day’s proceedings as well their experiences with organ donation.

We hear from Sharon and Seth Dolled, the mother and son team who helped put together Spice of Life. They share the story about the great gift Seth was able to give his mother when he was just 23, donating his kidney. They describe why the process that they went through together was such a life changing experience for both of them and their story is just so inspirational. We also chat to Andrea Gianini from the National Kidney Foundation and some of the team from Forgotten Boardwalk about the beers on tap of the day. One of the resounding messages from the day is around the relative low cost of organ donation when compared with the amount that is received. A number of our guests told us that the pain is temporary and recovery is nothing compared to giving someone the gift of life. For all this and much more, be sure to tune in for this extra special episode!

Key Topics:

• A son’s decision to give his mother a kidney. (01:14) • A little about The Spice of Life event. (02:55) • Going about promoting living organ donation in everyday life. (05:18) • Some of the work that the Nation Kidney Foundation does. (07:23) • Lesser known tips for good kidney health. (11:25) • Jason’s story of donation to his best friend’s father. (14:03) • The impact of living donations and the temporary nature of pain. (17:45) • Whitney’s story of organ donation to her mother. (19:18) • Her experience since the surgery. (23:00) • Jenna’s family’s genetic disposition toward polycystic kidney disease. (26:17) • Some of Jenna’s favorite beers at the event! (29:05) • More myths dispelled by Satara. (30:29) • How Satara got involved with Spice of Life. (32:41) • Her experiences of donating bone marrow and a kidney. (33:45) • Which beers to be excited about at the event. (36:38) • The celebratory nature of the Spice of Life event. (41:03) • Some information on Forgotten Boardwalk and their history. (43:03) • Jamie’s favorite beers from the festival. (45:19)

And much more!

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