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May 9, 2019 · 30 min
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Imagine that you have your dream job. It utilizes your natural abilities, is dynamic, interesting, and pays well. It’s a career you are truly passionate about. What happens, then, when you meet your dream person, the perfect fit for you in another human being, only their job requires that you sacrifice yours? For partners of those in the military and similar jobs this is a real question to be faced. How does a person find time for personal pursuits, and possibly a way to continue that career, when their family is constantly moving, or they are expected to stay home to care for children?

These are some of the topics Jamie Muskopf doesn’t hesitate to tackle in her podcast, SO Unbecoming. Facing the challenge of career continuity as the wife to a member of the military, Jamie slowly started to realize she was not alone in her quest to work outside the home once again. But she didn’t want just any job, she points out. “Jobs are available everywhere. It’s really about being able to maintain a career.”

SO Unbecoming was borne of the need for a support network for military spouses who desire an outlet for their own needs and interests. While being a supportive parent and spouse is a most noble cause that is rewarding in its own right, Jamie seeks to unite listeners by empowering them to pursue their personal goals as well. In addition to that, she hopes that the podcast will educate potential employers on the benefits of hiring members of this community, as opposed to passing over qualified candidates due to the perceived drawbacks of employing members of military families.

Above all, Jamie encourages her listeners to “listen to the voice inside of yourself.” If you have something to say, or a dream to pursue, there is a way to accomplish it, and a community who will support you along the way.

Key Topics

  • Introducing Jamie. [01:17]
  • Jamie’s career and background as a mother and spouse of a member of the military. [01:51]
  • Her impetus to start a podcast and the reasoning for the medium. [05:25]
  • Challenges Jamie has faced as a podcast host and producer. [07:24]
  • Difficulties faced by military spouses in pursuing their own careers. [11:23]
  • Who is the target audience? [17:02]
  • Services provided for military families and their shortcomings. [20:00]
  • The need for dual income due to insufficient military wages. [22:31]
  • The mission behind The Unquiet Professional. [24:27]
  • Advice for others starting their own podcasts. [26:16]

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