Chris Roy - The Professionals in Animal Rescue (EP.13)
Dec 20, 2018 · 28 min
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On the show today we welcome Chris Roy, the host of The Professionals in Animal Rescue podcast! This podcast is focussed on highlighting the work of different individuals in the field of animal rescue and shining a light on the different roles that rescue operations need. This pursuit was born organically from Chris’ work as a pilot and while carrying out a particular job he started to realize how drawn he felt towards using his flying skills to help animals more directly. This decision then opened up a whole avenue of ideas, the clearest of which was his wonderment at the need for people with every skillset in the animal rescue world. And so he decided to start documenting these stories in the form of a podcast!

Chris’ story and perspective are truly special and inspiring. He has taken a personal exploration and turned it into a cause building vocation through which he is able to learn, share, and celebrate life in many different forms. In our discussion we cover what led to Chris selecting a podcast as his medium, his relationships with the animals he rescues and notably the steps Chris takes to set the mood for a great podcast. These ideas that Chris suggests are absolute gold for any hopeful podcaster out there, so get ready to take some notes!

Key Topics:

• How Chris became involved in animal rescue and started to use his skills in the field. (02:13)

• Why Chris chose to use the format of a podcast for his cause. (04:53)

• Chris’ experience of the efficacy of the podcast medium. (05:37)

• The turning point for Chris committing himself to this cause. (08:01)

• What its like to have animals as passengers! (09:52)

• Noticeable absences of skills that Chris believes would help in animal rescue. (11:11)

• The early lessons Chris learned about putting together a podcast. (15:42)

• How these lessons have paid off and led to greater interactions with guests. (21:16)

• Using your passion as the basis for cause and action. (25:00)

And much more!

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