Jon Strum - Real Talk MS (EP.12)
Dec 13, 2018 · 26 min
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In this episode of Causepods we are joined by Jon Strum who is the host of Real Talk MS, a podcast aimed at creating community around the spread of information on multiple sclerosis. Jon’s desire to create this platform grew out of his personal experience giving care to his wife after her own diagnosis and wishing to find a positive outlet through all the difficulty and sadness that is connected to progressive MS. For Jon, the impact and response to his show has been both deeply affirming as well as healing, something that he aims to provide for listeners and guests too.

We chat about why the podcasting format is well suited to this pursuit, especially with the specifics of MS and Jon is kind enough unpacks some of the lessons he has learned as a new podcaster. We also go into two memorable episodes and why they stand out to Jon when looking back. The discussion covers Jon’s approach to communicating meaningfully and honestly when recording and how he facilitates these kinds of difficult conversations. Jon’s story is so inspiring, you are not going to want to miss it, so be sure to listen in!

Key Topics:

• The reasons that Jon started his platform and podcast. (02:12)

• The altruist impetus and mission of starting a podcast like this. (06:32)

• Jon’s wife’s situation and her relationship to the podcast. (08:45)

• The support system that hosting a podcast provides. (11:59)

• A little about Jon’s guests on the show. (12:54)

• The two standout episodes from the history of the show. (14:41)

• Jon’s secret to creating meaningful and honest engagement on air. (17:44)

• Advice from Jon to prospective podcasters. (19:00)

• The benefits of a podcast over other media and forms of communication. (20:40)

• Understanding your audience and getting a message to them. (22:16)

And much more!

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