Carolyn Kiel - Beyond 6 Seconds (EP.15)
Jan 31, 2019 · 27 min
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Welcome back to Causepods everyone! Today our guest is Carolyn Kiel, who is the host of Beyond 6 Seconds and she is here to tell us all about her own journey since starting a podcast just over a year ago. Beyond 6 Seconds is focused on showcasing people’s unique stories and how they have learned from their situations. For Carolyn, the podcast is a great way to pass on information and underline the work and lessons that her circle of friends and guests can share. What started as a way to bring together her own interests, skills, and curiosity and help individuals she knew, has now become a great platform for the trading of ideas and personal narratives.

In our conversation we cover how the idea for the podcast has slowly evolved over the last year before talking about finding and securing guests. We also discuss themes and common threads that have cropped up through these interviews as well as the medium of podcasting and Carolyn’s technical tips for those considering starting their own. Carolyn shares her thoughts on promotion, goals, helpful resources, and even offers some information on her favorite social organization that she supports. For all this and more, be sure to join us!

Key Topics:

• The inspiration and impetus behind starting a podcast. (01:19) • The evolving idea behind the show and who is featured. (02:35) • Finding guests with which to populate episodes.(04:13) • Tying podcasting into the rest of Carolyn’s life and work. (05:14) • Common themes and takeaways from guests on Carolyn’s show. (06:55) • Carolyn’s opinions and experiences around goal setting. (08:52) • Why Carolyn chose podcasting over other mediums. (10:40) • Some of the useful resources Carolyn utilized for setting up and getting started. (12:46) • Carolyn’s advice to anyone wanting to start a cause based podcast. (15:00) • Promotion and getting the word out. (16:48) • Some helpful tools Carolyn uses for social media. (18:58) • A particular organization that Carolyn wants to help promote. (21:11) • Some inspiration and motivation from Carolyn to our listeners! (24:47) • How to get involved with Causepods! (25:48)

And much more!

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