Stopping the Cycle of Confinement with Ricky Pallay of Eat.Sleep.HUSTLE.Repeat
Aug 29, 2019 · 24 min
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In this episode I sit down with Ricky Pallay, Operations Manager for the F5 Project a non profit set up to help coordinate services and provide personal support in order to deter repeat offenses. He got involved with F5 to keep himself accountable for recovery from his gambling addiction, he was at rock bottom with nothing left when he decided to get his life right. He is coming from a place that a lot of these inmates are, he finds that it is easy for them to relate to him.

They started the podcast Eat.Sleep.HUSTLE.Repeat, to let as many people as possible know about the issues inmates face once they are released. “If we are able to provide continued support when they leave confinement, we have a greater chance of positively impacting their lives”.

The F5 Project was started in 2016 by Adam Martin a 5 time felon that decided to turn his life around and by doing that help others. He is working to change the lives of inmates while they are still in confinement and prepare them to break the cycle once they are released. F5 believes that what happens in someone's past does not determine their future.


Key Topics

Mathew introduces his guest Ricky Pallay [00:51]

Ricky tells us how he got involved with the F5 Project [01:43]

He tells us about his ongoing recovery from a gambling addiction and how the mission of this project resonated with him [04:15]

Ricky explains how the podcast got started and his role in it [08:26]

Mathew asks Ricky what one of the most inspiring stories or results he’s seen since working with F5 [10:52]

They discuss how when these people are incarcerated, they aren’t able to communicate with family and friends [14:57]

Ricky talks to us about the challenges they have with the program and the direction they are taking it today [15:30]

He speaks about how the stigma of being a felon is hard for most people to see past [16:57]

His advice for anyone who is thinking about starting a podcast is “come on in, the water is nice” consistency is the key to growing your listeners. [20:34]

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