33 How to Increase Your Earning Potential
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Quote of the day :

We love our habits more than our income, often more than our life.

-- Bertrand Russell

We do not go to work only to earn an income, but to find meaning in our lives. What we do is a large part of what we are

-- Alan Ryan

How to Increase Your Earning Potential

  1. Ask for a raise
  2. Explore new opportunities
  3. Learn new skills
  4. Ask for more responsibility at your current job
  5. Become the kind of person your current employer doesn’t want working for the competition
  6. Move to a new employer
  7. Find a mentor
  8. Someone who’s been there done that
  9. A career development/planning specialist
  10. Start a side hustle
  11. Using the skill set from you current workplace
  12. Using skills you already have but aren’t using in your current workplace
  13. Learning new skills
  14. Learn to code
  15. Computer programmers control the future
  16. Everything runs on code

Those are all physical things you can do to increase your earning potential. But the greatest potential for increasing your income comes from developing yourself as a person. Things like:

  1. Confidence
  2. Asking for a raise
  3. Recognizing new opportunities
  4. Moving to a new job/position/career
  5. Awareness
  6. Opportunistic

These personal skills are critical in truly becoming someone who can earn a high income.

  1. Rent things out
  2. A room in your house
  3. An extra vehicle
  4. A boat
  5. A campsite
  6. Sell things 
  7. Stuff you don’t need or use
  8. Tools
  9. Clothes
  10. Farm products
  11. Drop shipping
  12. Flipping things
  13. Become a consultant
  14. Teaching your current skills
  15. Marketing
  16. Developing an existing business
  17. Your own business
  18. Buying and developing a business that isn’t operating at full potential

  19. Investing
  20. Land
  21. Stocks
  22. Websites
  23. Businesses

Dream a little: What do you see yourself doing in 15 years, if you could do anything you wanted?

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