Anxiety Overload
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We all get anxious from time to time. It's natural. However, sometimes anxious

thoughts take over, leaving us paralyzed with doubt and worry. Using these nine

tips can help you quiet your anxious mind.

1. Stop and Pay Attention to Your Body

When you feel those familiar feelings arise within you, stop and listen to your

body. Where does the stress show up? Where do you feel the tension? Do you

feel ill in your stomach or chest? Make a conscious effort to breathe slowly.

2. Challenge Your Anxious Thoughts

It is common to have angry, anxious, or irrational thoughts. Most of these

thoughts often center on what you perceive as worst-case scenarios. Counter

these thoughts with questions such as 'how likely is this to happen?' or 'is this

a rational thought?'

3. Breathe

Notice how your breath grows shallow when you are anxious. The shallow

breaths trigger the fight-or-flight mechanism in your brain. It's a good idea to

practice breathing techniques regularly, so you will be in the habit when you

really need them.

4. Decide on One Action You Can Do Right Now

Taking action is the best way to combat anxious thoughts that paralyze you.

What specific action can you take toward solving the issue that worries you?

Now do it.

5. Tidy Up Your Home or Desk

Clutter causes anxiety to increase in us all. Why not combat it one pile at a

time? For example, while waiting for your coffee to brew, sort through a stack

of papers on your desk. Spending 5-10 a day results in 35-50 minutes a week—

and a cleaner house or desk.

6. Schedule Time to Think about What Makes You Anxious

Let yourself have 15 minutes each week to let your mind unleash its worry. If

anxious thoughts arise outside of this time, tell yourself you will listen to those

thoughts at the scheduled time. This gives you back control.

7. Make Relaxing a Priority

Anxious minds need rest and relaxation. Make relaxation a priority. Read a

good book. Take a nap. Meditate. Binge-watch your favorite sitcom series.

Take a hike. Do what makes you feel relaxed. Your body's central nervous

system will enjoy the reboot and better prepare you for future anxious times.

8. Get the Right Amount of Sleep

Giving your body the right amount of sleep cannot be understated. Sleep

deprivation will cause you to focus on negative thoughts. It will affect your

physical and mental health. Determine the best amount of sleep for your body

and do everything possible to get it. Make your bedroom a haven.

9. Break Out the Crayons and Coloring Books

It sounds childish, but coloring can work wonders to relax your mind and

change your focus. Choose your favorite coloring book, and get started next

time you feel a little anxious.

Join in on the Success: 30 Day Challenge.

Listen to The Strangest Secret every day for 30 days. Take notes, write out your thoughts, your dreams, your goals, and your feelings that come up.

Come back at the end of the month and see how your life has changed.

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