21 Oppressive Controllers
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“The number one skill we can ever acquire is the ability to use our mind to create possibilities for our lives, and to resolve problems. This is very important because without the control of our mind, we follow other people’s minds and actions, and not ours. Then we fall and we fail.”

― Itayi Garande, Broken Families:


Uur liberties are systematically being de-constructed:







  • Use the current systems where convenient and where it makes your life better, but always be on the lookout for alternatives.
  • Opt out wherever you can without putting undue stress and hardship on your family and relationships.
  • Take what you enjoy doing and apply that in your work. Do work you love. If you’re stuck in a job or situation that’s less than ideal, then be on the lookout for something else, something that will bring you satisfaction, happiness, and joy, something that will fill your cup.
  • Get out of debt. Live a simple life for a while if you need to. Without all the extra comforts and amenities of extravagant living. There’s always something you can cut back on or sell.
  • Seek alternatives to centrally controlled services: money and finance, electricity, municipal services like water and trash, social medias, etc
  • Find and plug in to a good local community of like-minded peopl
  • Gardens
  • Animals
  • Side hustles
  • Home office
  • Meetings with local groups
  • Etc
  • e: start with local gathering groups like churches, clubs, networking groups, etc. Online is a good place to find people too, podcasts, social medias, freedomcells.org, etc.
  • Make your home a place that produces for you rather than you producing income elsewhere just to keep it.
  • Look for places where you can create a positive impact for people around you

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