28 Thirty Rules for Life
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QOTD: “You are by no means only what you already know. You are also all that which you could know, if you only would. Thus, you should never sacrifice what you could be for what you are. You should never give up the better that resides within for the security you already have—and certainly not when you have already caught a glimpse, an undeniable glimpse, of something beyond.” ― Jordan B. Peterson, 12 Rules for Life:


Thirty rules for life:

1. Never shake a person's hand sitting down.

2. Learn how to cook a signature dish.

3. Spend 30 min a day on personal development.

4. In a negotiation, never make the first offer.

5. Be grateful

6. Request the late check-out.

7. When entrusted with a secret, keep it.

8. Hold your heroes to a higher standard.

9. Return a borrowed car with a full tank of gas.

10. Play with passion or don’t play at all…

11. When shaking hands, grip firmly and look them in the eye.

12. Don’t let a wishbone grow where a backbone should be.

13. Be like a duck. Remain calm on the surface and paddle like crazy underneath.

14. Experience the serenity of traveling alone.

15. Never be afraid to ask out the best looking girl in the room.

16. Never turn down a breath mint.

17. Try writing your own eulogy. Never stop revising.

18. After writing an angry email, read it carefully. Then delete it.

19. Ask your mom to play. She won’t let you win.

20. Manners and attitude make the person.

21. Give credit. Take the blame.

22. Stand up to Bullies. Protect those bullied.

23. Write down your dreams.

24. Add value everywhere you go.

25. Be confident and humble at the same time.

26. REFUSE to just be ordinary!

27. Change the world, don't let it change you.

28. Keep your word, even if it means you lose something.

29. Live within your means.

30. Remember to keep first things first.


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