1000 Podcasters
1000 Podcasters
Jun 3, 2019
🖇️ Doing this will help you connect better with your podcast audience - 1KP0017
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Do you have a message that’s worth sharing? Do you want to influence people through your podcast? Do you want to transform hearts and minds?

If you do (and I’m willing to bet you do), you’ll want to listen to this.

I’m going to share with you the stage of the ACME-M method for podcast production that will help you and your guests connect better with your audience, be more influential, and move them to action. Even if your “performance” wasn’t perfect.

Overview of the ACME-M method


If you’d like help dialing this in or want someone to do it for you, I’m here to help.

https://toptieraudio.com to set up a consultation.

Make sure that you subscribe so that you don’t miss my detailed discussion of what goes into each of the steps of the ACME-M method of editing your podcast.


Christian Podcasters’ Summit

Want to go deeper, ask some questions, and get more resources to help you grow and improve your podcast, check out the Christian Podcasters’ Summit.

Use my affiliate link and I’ll have some free bonuses for you too.


Want to set up a consultation?

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