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Sep 11, 2019
Podcast recording checklist for a great recording - 1KP0050
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Sometimes I hear things in podcasts that make me want to go off on a rant. Stuff that's not hard to fix before hitting "record" but difficult (if not impossible) to fix during the editing process.

Today I'm going to share a quick checklist of ONLY 8 items that will set up up for success and make your podcast editor (even if it's you) want to give you a hug. This isn't a long, exhaustive list of EVERYTHING that could go wrong. It's a list of things to check to fix what seems to pop up most commonly in podcasts. 

If you just check these 8 things before you record EVERY TIME, you'll consistently get a better recording, be able to focus better, and be able to produce your show faster. And you won't get overwhelmed by a LONG list that'll make you feel like a failure.

Grab the free download: http://toptieraudio.com/recordingchecklistdownload

  • Get some water
  • Gather any resources you may need
  • Restart your computer / device
  • Close any apps & browser windows you don't need
  • Plug in your mic and headphones
  • Test to make sure everything is working properly
  • Close all doors & windows
  • Turn off things that make noise or create distractions

Grab the free download to get an additional list of 6 common noise makers and distractions to check: http://toptieraudio.com/recordingchecklistdownload

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  2. Download and print checklist
  3. Put it where you can use it EVERY time you record your podcast

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