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Nov 18, 2019
I ran out of ideas for my podcast - 1KP0069
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I have something to share that you won’t often hear a podcaster say: I ran out of ideas.

Truth be told, most of us run out of ideas from time to time. Or maybe we just don’t “feel” the spark.

Today is one of those days for me. I have an assignment for @DavidHooper’s 30 Day Solo Podcast Challenge but I can’t come up with anything.

I guess that makes me a podcaster who can’t seem to come up with anything to talk about.

Weird, right?

Listen to Discover

  • What assignment I’m totally stumped by
  • Three things you can do if you’re drawing a blank (take a break, redirect, draw from the list you’ve been preparing for a rainy day)
  • How to prepare for the day you’re coming up empty
  • 8 tools to help you generate ideas for your podcast

Listen to discover what the assignment is and what I’m doing instead because I still want to give you something you can use. Then choose at least ONE of the suggestions and start preparing today.

Hit me up on Twitter (@TopTierAudio) to let me know what you’re doing.

Resources Mentioned

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