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Granger Whitelaw
Welcome to The Lotus Talks! Hi, let me introduce myself: I am Granger Whitelaw, CEO of the Vietnam Group and I host THE LOTUS TALKS podcast along with my Co-Podcaster Cameron Lynch, and various members of our team from time to time. Our message is about the People and the Companies in Vietnam and S.E. Asia that are making a difference, or “Doing good while doing well” as I like to say. The S.E. Asia (ASEAN Market) is the fastest growing region in the world right now, and Vietnam is at the center of it all. Just watch any news channel, any day, and you will hear about the growth, the people, the opportunities and the excitement. As we introduce you to the interesting people we meet, the wonderful things they are doing, and the great companies they are building, we hope it can encourage you and perhaps help with your planning, as you join the “golden Age of S.E. Asia”. The truth is discovered in the stories of people working day-to-day from hard times to joy, failure to success, and all that happens in between when you are running ahead in fast paced, high growth environment. We are here to take this ride with you, curves, bump, (pot-holes) and all!The more we can learn about how people and companies get through the tough decisions, the better equipped we are to make smart choices and find our own success The Lotus Talks Podcast | Schedule We will have a few different things going on over here to help get our messages out and let you participate.First, we will be featuring One-on-One Profiles with Notable Business People in Vietnam and the ASEAN market. These will be shared with you twice a month, and we are excited about the experiences they will bring to us all.Next, we will have a short Podcast & Blog at the start of each week: ‘Monday Morning Coffee’ – Where we will discuss topical issues of the week – and pose a question to start each week time called - “Thought for the Week” - to open conversations on issues we all face in business. We will end each week with the “Friday Notes” podcast & blog where we check in on the progress of the week and share brief profiles on people and companies making a difference. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and you won't miss out! The Lotus Blog
The Lotus Talks
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