Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano: "How Safe Are We?"
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This is the eighth episode of "Talking with Authors" by HEC Media and HEC Books. We're a program dedicated to speaking with some of the best selling authors around, covering many different genres.

Today, our author is the former cabinet Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano. We spoke with her about her book “How Safe Are We?: Homeland Security Since 9/11” by PublicAffairs Books in February of 2019 at Spot Studios in St. Louis, Missouri.

As the third full-time head of the Department of Homeland Security since its creation post September 11th, Secretary Napolitano is very well versed about the threats that the United States faces: foreign states acting against US interests, transnational terror organizations, and domestic groups wishing to disrupt the lives of the American public directly being among the many threats on the list.  But she says while people don’t often think of climate change and security in the same sentence, they ought to.

In this wide-ranging interview, we’ll hear about how she approached dealing with these challenges during her 4 plus year stint in office during the Obama administration and how it compares to how things are being handled now during the Trump administration.  That and more from the former governor & cabinet secretary, and current President of the California University system and writer Janet Napolitano on this episode of “Talking with Authors” from HEC Media and HEC Books. 

Our host and interviewer this time is Paul Schankman.

HEC Media is a production company out of St. Louis, Missouri.  With the help of independent bookstore Left Bank Books and St. Louis County Library, we are able to sit down with these amazing writers and thought leaders to discuss their work, their inspiration, and what makes them special. You can watch video versions of most of our interviews at hecmedia.org.

Host and producer of this episode - Paul Schankman
Photography - Cecil Corbett and John Ross
Editor - Paul Schankman
Graphics - Gregg Kopp
Supervising Producer - Julie Winkle
Production Support - Jayne Ballew & Christina Chastain
HEC Media Executive Director - Dennis Riggs
Talking with Authors Podcast Executive Producer - Christina Chastain
Podcast Producer - Rod Milam
Podcast Editors - Ben Smith
Podcast Host - Rod Milam

Special thanks to Spot Studios

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