S2 Episode 7: Advice for running a company or working in one during Covid-19
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In this special edition of the Practical Futurist Podcast, we spoke with Dan Ziv, CEO of Touchnote, a digital company that is providing a creative way for personal communication which I think we’d all agree is needed even more during this very challenging 2020.

Dan runs a small company of 50 people, and we looked at how his company runs remotely, how he runs a company remotely and how his staff have responded to the challenges presented by the lockdown.

We also covered a range of topics relevant for employers of any size as well as employees such as:

  • Dealing with your team during lockdown
  • Changes in consumer behaviour during Covid-19
  • Why consumers want more meaningful ways to communicate
  • Changes in strategy post Covid-19
  • Disruption as a result of Covid-19
  • Business models now and in the future
  • Communicating and motivating staff during lockdown
  • Why efficiency and productivity is higher than ever
  • The need for the team to take breaks while at home
  • Redefining the work-home boundaries
  • Using a "clock-in / clock-out" system while remote
  • The "red cord" process to deal with major issues
  • Adapting agile processes when working remotely
  • Where agile does not work for remote teams
  • Key learnings with remote teams - smaller is better
  • What does the future of work look like?
  • Will working away from home become the norm?
  • Adapting your current work from home policies
  • The 3 types of employees and how to accommodate them
  1. Employees who want a clear separation between home and work
  2. Employees who are fine with the work from home life balance
  3. Employees who need flexibility depending on their life stage
  • Offering a menu of options for employees
  • In 12 month's time we will see the future of work really evolve?
  • How working from home changes your perspective as a manager
  • Getting work done as a CEO during Covid-19
  • Setting your own boundaries as a CEO
  • When work and home are the same place you need to force boundaries
  • Empathising with your team during lockdown
  • A global downturn will change business priorities
  • Benefit of hindsight - preparing for Covid-19
  • 3 things you can do this week
  1. Hoard cash
  2. Ensure your key employees are comfortable and secure
  3. Work hard on mental and physical health

This was a really eye-opening episode to record and I know you will find many practical tips in the episode. Why not listen while out exercising during lockdown?

For more on Andrew - what he speaks about and replays of recent talks, please visit ActionableFuturist.com follow @AndrewGrill on Twitter or @andrew.grill on Instagram.

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