Podcasting Q&A
Podcasting Q&A
Nov 23, 2020
Three tricks to get great audio from your podcast guests
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Andrea from the Italy: Inside Out podcast asks, "How do I get good audio from my guests when all they have is their laptop microphone?"

It's very common to have podcast guests (especially long-distance podcast guests) that don't have any recording equipment or podcast experience. And while you don't expect their audio to sound like it was recorded in a sound studio, you don't want to it to sound like it was recorded in a cave either.

In this episode, we'll share three tricks that you can use with your guests to get really good audio recordings.

Our long distance software recommendations:

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The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast
The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast
Shane & Jocelyn Sams
How To Find The Money For Your Online Business!
Today we are helping you overcome a major obstacle that keeps people from starting + growing their online business: MONEY! I’m here today to tell you how we found the money for our online business, even as broke school teachers. I want to teach you how you can do the same!     Show Notes If you didn’t already know, school teachers in southeastern Kentucky don’t make a lot of money. Back then, we brought home less than $5,000/month together. We were living paycheck to paycheck. When we decided that we were going to create an online business and go all in - we knew we had to find the money to do this! We had to give up things that we could (even when we didn’t want to). If you sacrifice the money right now - later you will be able to do things that you would never have been able to before! The power of moving money you are already spending allows you to invest into your online business. The cool thing about online business is that it doesn’t take a ton of money to get started! I’ve got three tips for you today to help you find the money that is already in your wallet: Sell stuff you’re not using! Kill monthly subscriptions (or things you are billed for) that you are not using! Look at the ways you can cut back on spending.   Find us on: Apple Podcasts Spotify YouTube Facebook Twitter The Official Flipped Lifestyle Podcast Facebook Group Join the Flip Your Life Community! We would love to have you as a member of The Flip Your Life Community! We believe you have God-give talents and experiences you can use to start an online business! All you need is 100 people to pay you $50/m online to make $5,000/m, $60,000/y! Let us help you start build and grow a membership of your own. We offer a 30-day FREE trial to all new members. Click here to learn more: https://flippedlifestyle.com/flipyourlife
So You Want to Start a Business
So You Want to Start a Business
Ingrid Thompson is helping entrepreneurs create Financial Independence
E151 How you can achieve anything you truly want
I've never really been a "goal setter" and have to admit the whole Hairy Goal discussion makes me squeamish! In this "just me" podcast episode I describe my personal approach to business today. Inspired by a few different things that I've been thinking about and working on in the past few months, I'm taking a very singular view and focussing on The One Thing that I can do right now to achieve my daily, weekly and monthly goal. Please notice that I use the singular goal - not the plural goals! Having too many goals, I have found, leads to nothing being done particularly well. Please also notice that in this episode I tend to use "can do" rather than "must do" or "need to do" (well, most of the time) do let me know if you hear a "need to" sneak in! Language is one of my other projects i.e. as regards the language I use - all aligned to my One Goal. As always, there is deliberately no advertising on this podcast. My guess is that you are here because you are a business owner and you want to increase your financial intelligence & business acumen. You want to have confident conversations when it comes to talking about money You want to make business decisions based on data and facts … so that ultimately you can build financial autonomy through business success. I’m here to help you. Everything I do in my business, every decision I make is based on this question: Will this contribute to help you, my listener take the steps to create a successful, viable and robust business so you can achieve Financial Independence? This is why I do what I do There are 2 ways you can access all my best material: Come join us in this FB Group: Healthy Numbers Profit Lab the community for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to build and grow a profitable business. https://bit.ly/HNProfitLabGroup AND Read my book! It is a Business 101 and can answer pretty much all your business questions. It is your step by step guide to build your viable and robust business - smarter and faster. “So You Want to Start a Business” You can order your FREE copy right here – you only pay for postage and handling: http://bit.ly/ThatBook It’s so exciting to be sharing it with you. If you prefer the kindle Head over to Amazon Happy reading!
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