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Newborn Babies, Connection, and the Vagus Nerve | Ep. 031
Dec 9, 2019 · 17 min
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After a long walk with our newborn baby and my wife this week, I had a realization that there is a magnificence, awe and wonder to newborns.  They have no preconceptions about people and they are pure light. As we were walking, I started thinking about CONNECTION, and how important it is. And then a flood of questions entered my mind...

Where does connection come from?

Why can I just stare at my baby for hours?

Why do I feel so calm in her presence?

The answer lies in your nervous system, specifically, the Vagus nerve.  And there's a scientific explanation to the effect connection has on our lives. Are you connected? Dive in now.

Show Notes:

Here is the Harvard Study I mention about relationships being good for the brain.

Here is where you can find Stephen W. Porges' work on the Polyvagal Theory.

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