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Reframing Getting Sick-4 Steps To Bounce Back FAST | Ep 029
Nov 25, 2019 · 21 min
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This episode is all about what to do if you get "sick" so that you (and your family) can bounce back quicker than ever.  Before I jump into the exact 4 steps to help you recover more quickly than you ever have before, I ask a simple question which is designed to break the frame of how we were taught to look at being "sick". I have you consider this question: when we have symptoms, do we look at it as our body is broken, or do we look at it as an expression of health?

I share my story of getting shingles, being told by the allopathic community to take a prescription that would take 6-12 months to work and how, with that diagnosis, I was able to completely recover in 9 days.  That's right, 9 days!  In this episode I share the exact set of steps I took to help my body recover more quickly than it ever had before from the worst "illness" I had ever been diagnosed with.

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