Straight Talk Wealth Radio
Bruce M. Weide
STW Radio is broadcast on AM radio weekly. It was born out of the crisis of 2008 and was the mission of its host, Bruce Weide, (President of Secure Financial Services, Inc.), to fill a massive void in most American's retirement portfolio. This safety net would have literally saved them any grief in the crash of '08-'09 and let them pick right back up on the historic gains from there.Today, most of America seems to believe that the government has made everything all better now, and investment risk is a thing of the past - 2008 is never coming back or will always get fixed if it does.Straight Talk Wealth Radio is dedicated to researching and reporting all sides to the stories that matter to those close to retirement or in retirement. In-depth interviews and reviews or Bulls and Bears; Inflationsists and Deflationists; Economists and Financial Strategists. Coming in March of 2019 - make sure to WATCH Straight Talk Wealth episodes Livestreamed on Facebook, YouTube and Periscope!
Straight Talk Wealth Radio
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