Why The Growing Black Community in Saigon Created Their Own Facebook Group | Hayden Lowry S7 E7
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This is another fascinating deep dive into the live of someone who has chosen to make Vietnam home for over a decade.

Hayden Lowry runs Caribê Jamaican Patties, is a freelance video post-production specialist, and the admin for the "Black in Saigon" Facebook group.

"I was bequeathed it by a lovely, smart and intelligent lady named Hillary who is a lawyer and she was living out here. We had the the opportunity to meet each other mere months before I moved to Vietnam in 2005, and at that time you literally could count black Westerners then on one hat, there were so few of us."

Among various topics discussed Hayden explains the ‘Black In Saigon’ Facebook group was created to give this community a safe space to ask questions that would often be the subject of disdain or even abuse in Expat groups on Facebook. As anyone who has lived in Saigon and used some of these groups, they are familiar with how toxic they can be. So it is understandable why the Black Community in Saigon would want to create their own group.

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Shout-outs in this show to Nadis Nam, Jwyanza Hobson and Adrie Lopez Mackay (as always)!

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