Achieving a 300% Growth Rate Despite a Highly Competitive Market and Gender Bias - FunkkOFF!
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Sonia Hounsell & Joelle Flynn



Today we speak with Joelle Flynn and Sonia Hounsell, two ambitious entrepreneurs helping women live happier, healthier lives through their product, FunkkOFF! FunkkOFF! is a teeth refresher that goes the extra mile - it is uniquely designed to aid women in cleaning their teeth anywhere, even in public, and at any time without worrying about their lipstick or about people's glances. And women love it.


This year, Flynn and Hounsell's company has grown three hundred times larger than it was at this point in 2022. They are also getting requests from large retailers and were recently invited on Shark Tank, an appearance that led to a demand frenzy. They've done this in a market that's led by big brands and corporate behemoths. Part of the reason for their success, our guests enthuse, is that FunkkOFF! is a "badge" product; a product that people can happily show off and use confidently. But that's not all. To find out all the reasons for their success, listen to the podcast now.


In today’s episode of the Harvest Growth Podcast, we’ll cover the following:


●      Why you may need multiple patents, domestically and internationally.

●      The importance of having experts on your team - from legal to branding.

●      How to make every PR moment count.

●      How in-person marketing complements online efforts in driving leads and sales.

●      Why LinkedIn networking can make a difference for struggling entrepreneurs and product marketers.

●      And so much more!


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