May 27, 2019
Ep 6: How to "Crush" Your Limiting Beliefs
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In the personal development world, the term “limiting beliefs” gets used quite a bit. This episode is dedicated to putting beliefs under the microscope. We'll explore what beliefs truly are and how you can simply put down what’s no longer working for you without demonizing it. It all starts with a practical, yet radical, self-acceptance that is at the heart of living a free life. 



1:02 - Welcome to the show. This episode is all about examining belief and belief systems. We’re going to be approaching things a little differently.

1:33 - Defining what a “belief” truly is.

3:10 - There’s no such thing as a limiting belief.

3:56 - There’s a more peaceful way of dealing with beliefs that you feel are holding you back.

5:27 - Choosing and strengthening the thoughts that you desire. 

6:33 - Why we develop beliefs, why they are useful.

8:22 - What if every belief you have currently has perfectly served you up to this point in your life?

12:00 - The source of the majority of our suffering.

14:42 - The truth about what we think of as “the past” and why it’s actually quite easy to change it. How to start reshaping your past experiences to create new beliefs.

19:05 - Extracting lessons from your experiences and letting them go.

20:05 - How to maintain presence while others are sharing painful experiences and not get enveloped in the story (in fact, beginning to shift and elevate their own perception of the story). 

23:08 - The real power of this new perspective of taking back control over what you’re thinking. 

25:00 - The compounding results of shifting your moment by moment attention to more positive aspects. This is how you truly evolve beliefs.

26:47 - The drama of “belief hunting” and why this mass market approach to personal development doesn’t actually serve you.

31:40 - Shifting your feelings and thoughts one degree at a time and learning to accept just how easy the process truly can be

33:05 - The real “work” of this process.

34:20 - Taking full responsibility for how you feel moment by moment.

35:10 - Where you will eventually arrive at mentally and emotionally by following this practice.

38:20 - Playing “what if…” and becoming the master coder of your reality. 

42:11 - Conclusion. 

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