May 13, 2019
Ep 1: My Journey to Liberated Living
Play • 40 min

This podcast is focused on helping you improve the skill of getting what you want out of your imagination and into your life... from the vision of a someday future into today’s voice, values and lifestyle of your best choosing.

I’ll be sharing useful strategies, philosophies and tactical steps that I’ve observed in my own life as well as working with people all around the world. 

In this first episode, I talk about key experiences from my own journey - moments of pain, adventure, self-doubt, insight, and growth - that have shaped my mindset and paradigms by which I lead my life today. 

The truth is, I never set out to become a coach, a teacher, or a messenger. 

I was always just curious about life, often driven by how to overcome my own personal struggles. 

My approach to life, focusing on usefulness rather than seeking “the truth”, has lead to some very unique (often painful) experiences, and significant growth. And I’ve recognized that often the hardest part of success is accepting just how easy it can be.

As these episodes unfold my intention is to co-create this podcast with you, designing this dialogue to best serve your own growth, as we continue to bring you lessons & stories from the front lines of liberated living. 


0:33 - Show intro & the purpose of this podcast.

3:13 - How I got started on this path of exploration.

4:19 - Experiences from my early childhood.

7:17 - Beginning my passion for martial arts. 

9:33 - Discovering my love for teaching & helping others.

10:43 - Lessons learned from my father running a halfway house for refugees and being put on trial for his beliefs. 

16:33 - Living in alignment with your goals and desires.

18:53 - Beginning to teach martial arts as a teenager. 

20:17 - Growing up lonely and socially awkward. 

23:13 - My years in depression and feeling like an impostor.

25:53 - Hitting emotional bottom & my choice to live life differently. Connecting with my purpose and expansive energy. 

28:33 - Growing the martial arts schools & falling in love. 

30:13 - In 2013, getting divorced and selling the schools. Taking the leap into a whole new life.

32:47 - Starting to coach on business & mindset + creating the first “Mind Vitamin” video blog that catalysted my ongoing exploration and impact.

36:13 - What comes next.

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