[Ep. 95] Beans: How They Create Life & Heal Trauma (Debunking The Myths) w/ Karen Hurd
Play • 54 min

Out of all the things we explore on this podcast, who would've thought beans would be the most controversial? So we had to invite Karen Hurd, the Queen of Beans, back to the show to help sift through some of these bean myths. 

In this episode, we cover the common concerns and fears people have about beans including:

  • Why do beans give me gas?
  • Don't beans have a lot of antinutrients?
  • Don't phytates and lectins stunt growth?
  • Should we avoid grains, nuts, and seeds in addition to beans?

Luis and Karen also discuss the lovely interconnection between science, ancestral wisdom and self inquiry.

For more information on Karen's work, visit: http://www.karenhurd.com/

For more information on Luis' work, visit: https://www.holisticlifenavigation.com/

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