[Ep. 52] Celebrating Juneteenth: The Practice of Self-Liberation | Lindsay Christine (Writer)
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In this episode, Luis embarks on  a new conversation with an old friend, Lindsay Christine, centered around Juneteenth.

Christine shares what it was like growing up as a Black woman in this country, from the way she was raised to the narrow messaging we are sold about African American stereotypes.

"My skin tone and the weight that it carries in America really doesn’t have anything to do with me. It is to do with our society and the way it’s been structured and the way that it’s been set up, but racism doesn’t have to do with how good I am as a person or what I’m like internally. I think I was able to develop a sense of self that was separate from the idea of what it means to be Black in America. I know it’s a part of me, I know by many standards it defines me, but it’s not all of me."

"The reality is there’s still work to do, but I’m not going to wait to be free until that work is done. I can be free in myself and they can catch up to me, and I’m going to keep doing the work."

"Everything I try to work towards and do in my life is to just spark positive change not just for me but for the next generation."

You can follow Lindsay Christine and sign up for the newsletter at her new project, The Wellness Feed, which is a hub for sustainable champions around the world.

You can also find her on Instagram at @the_wellnessfeed

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