[Ep. 28] How To Die Well | Murphy Robinson & Jamie Waggoner
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This is a beautiful episode, recorded on the day before Winter Solstice about the life-giving qualities of death. The inevitable transformation into the unknown that we all must experience. I spoke with Murphy Robinson & Jamie Waggoner who bring an insightful and unique conversation about death to the episode. We speak about how to die well, what death means to us, and the life force that is present even in death.

To work with Muphy & Jamie, or to see their offerings, please visit the following links:

Murphy's Website: http://www.mountainsongexpeditions.com/
Jamie's Website:
Jamie's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jmwaggoner
Jamie's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pythiaofthepines/
Current Online Class:

In this episode I refer to Episode 17: Using Grief To Transform Your Life w/ Loren Michelle. In that episode, Loren shares about how she changed her life and found a deeper life force and meaning through the grief from the sudden death of her son. I strongly recommend listening after you hear this episode.

The episode ends with my song "Black Magick" off of my upcoming album Songs From The Land. It captures the moment in my life when I first moved to Woodstock, NY. I met a Lakota & Cherokee two-Spirit man who gifted me a handful of Barred Owl feathers. I braided the feathers into my hair and this song came through me, all at once, about the sacred mountain (originally home to the Esopus tribe of the Lenape people) I lived and walked on. The song will be available on September 20th, 2021 when the record is released. You can sign up to be notified by email here, if you'd like.


Murphy Robinson is a priestx, wilderness guide, activist, and a student of the sacred hunt. They have been casting circles since they were sixteen years old, and have taught both magic and wilderness skills across the US, and occasionally in Ireland and Sweden. They have pursued special study of spirit journeying, the Norse runes, archery as a magical practice, and meaningful rituals to honor the animals and plants who die to feed us.  Their work often serves The Huntress and The Lord of the Dead. As a queer transmasculine priestx, they explore healthy and healing ways to reclaim the sacred masculine.

Jamie Waggoner
is a priestess whose interests center around folk magic, mythology, oracular traditions, trance and ritual arts, and building sacred communities. She believes that magic is real, present all around us, and a profound tool for justice and transformation. Jamie trained as a priestess with the Sisterhood of Avalon for thirteen years, and now leads independent workshops and rituals across the United States. Jamie lives in Alabama, the ancestral homeland of the Mvskoke (Muscogee) people.

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