Deep listening | episode #014
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Deep listening during and after quarantine | episode 

I’ve been feeling a huge call for silence and being still right now. But I’m also finding a huge call for creativity right now. And I know these may sound like opposite actions but they really aren’t. When we are in a space of transformation there is a stillness that is needed, but underneath there is a new becoming that is taking place.

It’s time we all did what we need to do personally to clear out the old boggy stuff we’ve created and put up with – in ourselves, our environment and also in relationships that are now out of tune with who we’re moving into.

We can’t do things the old ways anymore, if we want to move into the new energetic space that the earth is opening for us.

But here’s the thing… We also can’t expect ourselves to be perfect. One of the things that we learn studying energetic medicine is that energy is constantly shifting. When we try to hold something still, or hold on too tightly, we can get fixed in our energy.

Fixed energy doesn’t flow.

I used to beat myself up, feeling like it was a fault I had, if I couldn’t stay in perfect alignment. I don’t do that anymore.

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