Refocusing Anxiety | #061
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Have you noticed that when you're anxious, you're also exhausted? This is because anxiety, overwhelm and stress all deplete our energy battery. It's a catch 22 because when we don't have enough energy, it becomes incredibly difficult to calm our mind and body, because we're lacking the foundation of energetic support from our body.

When we're dealing with anxiety, stress, or overwhelm we also often experience aches and pain, it can feel impossible to ground ourselves and get ourselves out of the never ending mental chatter. As my friend said to me the other day, "It feels like my thoughts are running me!" Such a perfect observation.

When you're able to reset your nervous system, you're able to shift a pattern that you're holding, or that has become a habit. Today I'm sharing insights about the frequency of anxiety. The key is shifting our nervous system and the way we do that is through integrating your entire body, not just the mind. 

Thank you for joining me! Please share with a friend that can be supported by today's topic.

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